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5 Psychology Techniques to be Happy at Your work

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Do you want to be happy when you are at your work? If you realize that everything is a matter of psychology, you will be more pleased with the time you spend at work. Try the following psychology techniques and feel joy!

1 / To feel that you have a goal.

In 1983 Steve Jobs persuaded Apple’s future CEO John Sculley to leave his job at a soft drink company asking him a question: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life by selling water with sugar or wanting an opportunity to change the world?” Aside from waking his curiosity and imagination, the question gave Sculley the opportunity to think of his ambitions. Professor Adam Grant of the Wharton School of Business, found in his research that “employees who know their work has a meaningful and positive effect on others are much more productive.”

2 / To say ‘thank you’.

Based on experiments from the Harvard School of Business and the Wharton School, “accepting expressions of gratitude make us all have an increased sense of self-esteem and trigger other helpful attitudes towards both the person we are helping and the people around us.” In their experiments the experts concluded that 66% of the students helped a fellow student because he thanked them in advance for taking a look at his resume.

3 / To take a breath.

It’s incredibly ease to get tired during the day at work. Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness at Work, points out that “without a short break, we will not be creative, competitive, or happy.” He also adds that “breaks are necessary to control the level of our anxiety in everyday life”.
4 / To not do all the tasks together.

Clifford Nass, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, says multitasking “is wasting more time than saving while it also reduces concentration and creativity.”

5 / To not sit all the time.

Find some time to go out and walk out, stretch or exercise for 10 minutes. Physical movement during your day has many beneficial effects – even if you are already exercising and eating healthy. In short, when you feel better physically, you will have a better mood.

Editor’s Note: Did you know that in 1983 Steve Jobs had to ask some interesting questions persuade Apple’s future CEO John Sculley to leave his job at a soft drink company.

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