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Six Things Every Man Needs to Know How to Do Before He's 16

Guest Blogger:Melisa Cammack Growing boys

There are certain things in life that every man should learn how to do, because these skills will make his life easier and better. If you learn these skills early in life and keep practicing them for a few years, you will become a master at them. These are some valuable skills you can start learning today.

Change a Car Tire

To change the tire on your car, loosen the lug nuts in a star-pattern rotation while the wheel is still on the ground. Then jack the car up and remove the lug nuts from the wheel; remove the flat tire and then replace it with the spare tire; put the lug nuts on the lugs, and tighten them as much as you can. Lower the car down and tighten the lug nuts one final time, in a star-patterned rotation, just as you did taking it off.

Change Oil in your Car

Place a pan under the oil drain plug of your car, and loosen the plug and let it drop out; then let the oil drain out of the car while you remove the used oil filter from the car. Replace the oil filter with a new filter; and after the oil has drained out, tighten the oil drain plug and add oil to your car. Follow the manufacturer’s specification as to what type oil and how much to add to your vehicle.

Shave with a Straight Razor

To shave with a straight razor, you should first prepare your beard by applying a hot moist towel to your face or take a hot shower. Then apply soap or cream to your beard with a brush or fingers, so as to cover your beard with a thick layer of cream or soap. Leave the soap or cream on your face for five minutes to soften the beard, and pull your skin taut while you shave. While straight razor shaving, use long smooth strokes and keep the razor at an angle to your skin.

Write a Thank You Note

Get in the habit of hand writing thank you notes when you receive a gift or if someone does something especially nice for you. A handwritten thank you note is much more personable than an email or phone call thank you. Purchase some nice stationery for thank you notes; keep the note simple, and thank the gift-giver for the specific gift or favor that you received. If possible, mention how you will use the gift and don’t forget to sign the note.

Buy or Rent a Suit or Tuxedo

There are many occasions in life that require you to wear a suit or tuxedo; you will need one for prom, job interviews, weddings, and formal parties. When looking for a suit or tuxedo, look for a quality fabric that doesn’t wrinkle when you squeeze it. Check the buttons to make sure they are firmly attached so they don’t come off. The sleeves should hit about an inch below your wrist, and make sure all around that the suit is not too big, so get fitted each time you go in to purchase or rent a suit or tuxedo.

Take Good Photos

Read the manual that came with your camera, and learn which settings you should use in low light and bright light. Have your subject in the middle of the frame and make sure there are no poles or other strange items that will be in the background of your photo. To eliminate shaky, out-of-focus photos, hold your camera with both hands as you take a picture.

About the Author 

Melisa Cammack is a business owner, mother of three, wife of 13 years, and hoping to be a published book author by the end of 2013. She is a Seattle native (go Seahawks!) that relocated to Western Australia last year, and is immensely enjoying the beautiful Australian weather.

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  1. Don’t forget to store the oil in a safe container and take it to a proper recycling center! You also need to purchase wheel ramps so you can slide under the care safely.

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