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Living at Its Potential: How to Adopt Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

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Does moving through life seem robotic? You’re not alone. Our existence can be put on automatic — even to the point where we forget what a gift it is to be alive. Mindfulness and self-awareness are not default conditions for humanity. Active effort helps humans attain a heightened sense of existence, and the effort is well worth it. Truly experience life by adopting conscious awareness with these happiness pointers:

Know Yourself.

It seems simple to know who you are, but people thoughtlessly live and make decisions without recognizing and tapping into core values, personal philosophies, and identities. Do you feel lost personally, professionally or ethically? Feeling lost is a sign that you need to understand your own basic values on a deeper level. Ethical displacement ceases to be a dilemma if you’ve thoughtfully determined what you feel is right and wrong in your heart.

Exert Mental Energy Wisely.

Fixating on “whys” and “what ifs” is a waste of your mind’s processing power. Commit yourself to focusing on the moment and clearing your head of anything else. Many future events and situations resolve themselves without major intervention and just a little minor attention. Keep this in mind as you conserve your energy for the moment and task at hand.

Prioritize Your Thoughts.

The mind filters through all types of noise. As your mind races, be smart about what you choose to tune in and out, and subsequently act on and not. Decisive awareness can improve all areas of your life, whether you are learning how to protect personal information with a vishing overview or you’re inspired by a yoga class to end a negative relationship.

Stop Worrying.

Worry is a wasteful emotion. If something requires action from you, then take that action. If there’s nothing you can do presently, then eliminate worry because it’s not changing anything for better or worse. Take some deep breaths, force yourself to relax, and let it be.

Learn Relaxation Methods.

Do you feel like you can never get answers for why something happened or didn’t? Relax! Relieve internal tension through deep breathing techniques. says that deep breathing can clear your head, force your heart rate to slow, and the rest of your body will follow. Also, try using visualization techniques to imagine the best, rather than the worst, possible outcomes.

Adopting inner and outer awareness and mindfulness after many years of running on automatic is challenging. Ease into this lifestyle by observing, rather than reacting. Give attention to your surroundings and emotions. Then move on with control and avoid those unwanted thought patterns. Practice will turn into habits and eventually disruptive and disturbing thoughts will feel foreign — you’ll naturally avoid them. Taking precautions against possible dangers can also alleviate stress. Signing up with a security service, that will protect you from identity theft and bank fraud, can at empower you to live without fear.

About the Author

Emily Smith is a writer, yoga teacher, and fitness instructor from New Mexico.

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