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Happier Abroad: The Top Reasons to Move Abroad

Guest Blogger: Heather Robertsliving abroad

Often, people travel to foreign countries. And in many cases, the reason is not simply tourism. A lot of folks tend to move for good, planning to start live anew, in a new place. What motivates people to leave their homeland and seek happiness in a different country? What could possibly be the reasons to leave everything familiar behind and plunge into the unknown? For different people, the reasons are different; it depends on the individual. However, the most popular reasons include:

A lot of people get motivated to move because of better job opportunities and a chance for winning more money.

What better motivation than the possibility for a better life? And what leads to a better life than a professional career that will bring one plenty of money. And it is exactly the bigger monthly salary that usually makes people happier. In the current state of financial recession, many people desperately look for certain countries where the job market is not experiencing severe shrinkage and where they will be able to advance in their career. Future expats usually feel that in their home country they are being restricted in one way or another, career-wise. And if you cannot find a good opportunity locally, why not try globally? Some of the people who move abroadfor that reason do it temporarily, while others stay for good.

Many people would like to live abroad in order to see more and broaden their horizons

Nowadays, traveling has become more affordable than it has ever been before. People usually travel in order to see different cultures, meet different people and explore new places. However, in order to be able to really get acquainted with a certain place, one needs to spend more than just a couple of weeks there. And in many cases, the tourists fall in love with the country and turn from visitors to permanent residents. A lot of folks see more beauties there than in their home countries, and is only natural for them to stay.

The weather

Can something as simple as that be enough of a reason for one to move to a different country. It actually can. Have you heard of the statement that sun makes people happier? Those that reside in countries where it is winter/autumn more than 50% of the year have the right to be unhappy about it. What’s better than never having to worry how to heat your home and about high electricity bills? So, it is only natural for these people to move to Spain, Portugal, and South America. No wonder folks in these countries are always smiling.

A lot of people have basically had enough of their home nation

There are also the reasons when one can pretty much not take it anymore in terms of the people that surround him/her. Everybody has been, at least once, in a situation when you are thinking that you have almost nothing in common with your compatriots and their distinctive national features just get on your nerves. Well, this is when one starts contemplating about moving to a place with more like-minded people.

You might be moving in the name of love

Love knows no boundaries. And one does not know where true love might show up from. Living in the 21st century, people tend to spend plenty of time in dating websites where they chat up with men and women from all over the world. And in many cases, these acquaintances escalate into a real love relationship. And once you know it, after a couple of trips and dates, the couple in love decides to live together. Same may happen while one is on a holiday or on a business trip. However, what people should remember is to never dive into such an ‘opportunity’ too early. Moving to a foreign country is a major step in one’s life, so make sure you know the person, who you’re moving for, quite well and you are sue that you will have a bright future together.

About the Author

Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. Therefore her present article is focused on how to find happiness abroad.

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