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Guidelines for Settling Car Accident Claims

Guidelines for Settling Car Accident Claims in Toronto

Every year thousands of people experience road accidents and if you are one among them, you must know the legal procedures that unfold after the collision. If you are part of a road accident because of someone else’s fault or because of your own mistake, you can apply for accident claim. Here in this article we will describe the important procedures and guidelines following which you can deal with car accidents more skillfully and recover from most of your losses through accident claims. So given below are some tips following which you can deal with road accidents properly and complete the recovery process successfully.

Document Everything

One of the most important things that will help you with your accidental insurance claim is the evidence that you gather after the accident has occurred. Evidence acts as the proof of your accident and the extent of damage and inability to gather proper evidences after an accident can affect your insurance claim. One of the best ways following which you can gather evidence is by taking photographs after the occurrence of the accident. Take pictures of the location of the accident, pictures of your car, especially the damages, and pictures of the injuries on your body and other passengers riding with you. You can take pictures by yourself or ask someone to do it for you. You must not waste time taking pictures and do it as quickly as possible since you will have to rush for medical care as well. Always keep a camera handy in your car or you can take photos from you mobile camera as well.

Collect Information

After taking photographs, you must quickly collect important information like name and address of the other driver, policy number, driving license, license plate number, and photograph of the driver and his car. You can write down all these information in a notepad or in your cell phone.

Go for Medical Aid

After collecting important information, you must rush to the nearest medical clinic or hospital in case you have injuries that need medical treatment. Make sure that you remove your car and from the road before going to the medical center; leaving the car in the accident location can result in additional accidents. After medical reports indicate your injuries to be severe, you must make no delays and start with legal proceedings as soon as you recover from your injuries. An important thing that you must keep in mind is not to delay the onset of legal procedures as failure to do so can result in the disqualification of your claim.

Claim for Insurance

There are different types of personal injury claims, which includes car accident claims, intentional damage claims, dog bite claims, premises responsibility claims, medical malpractice claims, etc. Breach of any legal duty or responsibility causing harm to the property and/or health of a person can lead to personal injury claim. After receiving medical treatment you must start working on your insurance claim. One thing you should know is that the more time you waste in making the claim, the more you will lose your chances to recover it. However, ineligibility depends on the severity of damage and injuries made by the offender and the more severe your injuries, the more eligible will be your claim for reimbursement. Personal injury claim is a claim for compensation, which is specifically designed for accidents and mishaps. In order to productively claim for private injury, you must hire a legal representative with expertise in making personal injury settlement. You can easily get a personal injury attorney by penetrating online or by asking your friends and relatives about the same.


About the Author

Julia Roy is a personal injury lawyer, offering excellent legal services to settle down the claims relating to motor vehicle accidents, life insurance and disability matters. In addition, she offers a professional practitioner assistance to help the clients deal with product liability and property losses. More information on Hanson Duby is available by visiting the firm’s web site at or by calling 416-588-9100.

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