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2014 Trends and Shifts in House Painting

by Vincent

April has arrived and most of the country can look out their windows to see spring peeking back. The wind has shed the ?????????????????????????????????sharpness of its chilly bite; shadows cast from the setting sun until late in the evening; flowers have begun to rise from the thawing earth; life in all its forms is becoming more active.  Inspired homeowners and tenants are no exception. House Painters Washington DC are geared up and ready for the season of home renovations. Are you?

For years, the trend has been to slather the neutral area of your house with calm colors to promote a “flowing” concept.  Aside from some varying differences in inspiration, the idea of capturing the flow with color uniformity remains very much untouched in 2014 regardless of where you seek style advice. But the differences in this year’s decorating foresight are bold nonetheless.

A calming appeal is no longer left to the task of dull, neutral, earth-tone colors. Pastels are very much in, and even brighter shades are making pleasing accents in smaller areas such as a bathroom or kitchen nook.  Just imagine feeling the ocean serenity of a turquoise covering your walls.

In other words, the trend in 2014 is to capture the beginning of the “rebellion” to the uniformity we’ve all been seeing. Keep promoting the flow of your home, but don’t be afraid to roll your base color over some of your ceilings and captivate the eye of your guests. Add some character to your home.

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