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What Makes This Green Coffee Bean Extract Good for Your Health?

Guest Blogger:  Jessica MillerGreen Coffee Beans

The amazing health benefits of unroasted green coffee bean extracts seem to be quite amazing for your overall health and well-being, and also in reducing weight. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a Naturopathic Doctor and a Celebrity Nutritionist, has stated that the powerful effects of green beans even amaze him. With them, a person seems to drop pounds without any change in diet or exercising.
His conclusions are based on a recent research on Green Coffee Beans that was published in 2009 in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, & Obesity journal. In this study, a group of 19 adults used the green coffee beans extract for a period of 14 weeks. Over the course of this study, which was conducted by University of Scranton, it was revealed that all subjects lost about 15 pounds each, which means that this supplement worked and helped them in reducing their body fat.

How green coffee beans cause weight loss?

The green coffee beans have very high chlorogenic acid content, which is important for boosting body’s metabolism and can singlehandedly induce weight loss in humans. However, during the processing of coffee, this acid is lost; so you cannot get weight loss by drinking a cup of coffee!

Chlorogenic acid is there only in unroasted coffee beans, but once they are roasted at high temperature for making coffee, it is lost forever. It works by slowing down the release of glucose from liver into the bloodstream and also raises metabolism speed. When the release of glucose in the blood stream is slowed down, then instead of sugar, body starts using fat cells to get energy, so when fat cells start burning to provide energy, you will experience rapid weight loss.

Various studies done on Green Bean Coffee Extracts have opened doors to their unbound health potential. If these extracts are used along with the right combination of exercises and proper intake of food, the results can be far greater. When taken in a proper way, you could expect a weight loss of around 6-9 pounds in 3-4 weeks, not a bad score considering that you are not on a diet, or exercises. So it’s been proved beyond doubt that supplements indeed works as per manufactures claims. If you are taking capsules of Green Bean Coffee Extracts, you should choose one with at least 50 percent chlorogenic acid. This is really a big factor for your weight loss plans.

Aside from inducing weight loss, there are several other benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extracts. Let’s have a close look at few of them:

  • Aside from inducing weight loss, Green Coffee Beans also help in reducing high blood pressure in all those who are suffering from hypertension. This is great for all those who are looking for natural alternatives to reduce their blood pressure. Reduction in blood pressure means low risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • This extract also increases the effects of various pain medications, especially in case of migraine sufferers. This helps them in getting relief with even a less dosage, and with time they can even reduce or eliminate their dosage.
  • It has been recognized that Green Coffee Bean Extracts also help in alleviating or diminishing the mild depression symptoms by boosting energy levels. This supplement also has many anti-oxidant properties, which can keep your skin wrinkle-free and moisturized without any need for expensive creams. Best of all, it does all this naturally without any synthetic ingredients.
  • Chlorogenic acid found in the Green Coffee Beans Extract is actually a polyphenol that neutralizes several carcinogenic compounds before they can actually cause cancer.
  • Regular intake of Green Coffee Beans supplement also helps in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • It also acts as a potent appetite suppressant that acts fast. This means you will experience less food carvings, which will not only help in stabilizing your weight, but also your sugar level.

So the benefits of unroasted Green Coffee Beans extract are many, including rapid weight loss without exercises or any special diet, boosting your metabolism, reduced chances of cancer, and healthy blood sugar levels. You can get this extract in supplement form from many online stores. Best thing about these online stores is that you get fresh stocks at attractive prices because they have very low overheads and pass the benefits to their customers. So do your research, and order your supplement today and start availing all the health benefits from today itself.

This will ensure a healthier, happier you!

About the Author

Jessica miller is the owner of Greencoffeebeanextractpure.net, where you can find more information regarding Green Coffee Bean Extract.

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