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Total Hip Replacement: Key Precautions That You Must Adhere To!

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We all know that increasing age welcomes certain non-preventive physical problems. For this very fact, people throughout the globe have to undergo total hip replacement surgery every year. If we talk about reasons for the pain in hip or need for hip replacement, there are multiples causes for the same. However, the problem of arthritis is the main one among them. Usually, the surgeons follow the lateral technique to operate the hip joint. However, minimally invasive anterior approach is an emerging technique which involves the least risk of hip dislocation.

Key precautions after hip replacement surgery

Total hip replacement surgery is considered a major one and involves a lot of surgical procedures. It certainly does involve some key precautions for the patient too, so as to get back to normal routine life quicker. Let’s have a glance at the vital points.

  • Sit on chair: Yes, you must sit on a chair, and that too an armed one. Ensure that you keep the affected leg out straight. Sitting on low couches or soft chairs will be inconvenient and dangerous for your operated hip, both while sitting and getting up.
  • Do not cross your legs: A patient is strictly prohibited from a cross leg posture at least for one and a half month post surgery. This is because there are high chances of hip dislocation while sitting in this posture. Hence, ensure that you or the operated member is following this restriction absolutely.
  • High toilet seat: This is yet another important tip required post hip replacement operation. Do make sure that you use a high toilet seat which will make it easy for you to sit down, along with keeping the affected leg out straight. Some of you may find it a weird tip, but this precaution can be the most common cause of hip dislocation. You may get an over toilet seat easily from local pharmacies or drug stores.
  • No bending: This is the most common precaution which is suggested by all surgeons post operation. You must not bend down to pick things up off the ground as it may cause dislocation of hip and you may then immediately require a revision hip replacement.
  • Small steps required: You’re not allowed to take big steps for at least six weeks post operation. Especially when you turn around while standing or walking, you must be conscious to take only small steps. This way, there won’t be any pressure on the operated hip and you will recover from the pain soon.
  • Use a pillow between the knees: This is important. There must be space between two knees while sleeping. Hence, make sure that you put a pillow between the knees to prevent the leg from rolling in.

To conclude with, hip replacement surgery is a definite successful one for all ailing elders. Nevertheless, certain precautions are mandatory to recover from the operation. The above mentioned precautions will positively give fruitful results and let you live life joyously once again!

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical care or medical advice and is not a replacement for medical care given by your physicians or trained medical personnel.

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Nicholas is doctor who has written widely on total hip joint replacement surgical methods. He states through such a surgery, intense pain in the hip joint can be easily removed ensuring that the person can walk, run, swim, and do all other activities without any problem or pain.

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