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Health Tips for Frequent Flyers

Guest Blogger: Mariaair travel

Travelling is a very stressful job. Overall strain, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, irregular eating patterns, sitting postures, effects of cabin air pressure, jetlag etc., all stress frequent travellers. You need to be very conscious about your health during travel as it involves many health risks. For example, sitting for long durations causes deep vein thrombosis, dehydration, and dry breathing problems. Outside food contains high fat levels, low nutritional values. So you need to follow some tips to maintain a healthy body which include:

Plan your journey effectively. Be in airport an hour before your departure. Bring your favourite books to read or have fun with your smartphones.

Keep your passport, camera, laptop, and other valuable things in hand luggage. You can easily find these items when required. This avoids stress and tension.

Have adequate amount of sleep. It relaxes your body from stress and gives strength to the body. No matter how busy you are, find some time to get proper sleep.

Have a healthy eating style. Interact with local people. Eat with them. Try different local cuisines. Avoid overeating and alcohol.

There are many hotels which provide different exercise equipment. Make use of those services to relieve stress and body pains.

Long period of sittings affect your muscles. Stretch your body frequently by walking or practice in breath stretches. For example stretch your neck, move your head in forward and backward direction, back stretchings etc.

Avoid eating processed food. Buy fruits; take citrus fluids, which are good for body. Drink plenty of water which keeps you hydrated.

Make sure that you have travel insurance which covers the cost of medical expenses. Get travel insurance in connection with payment protection insurance. In case of illness, you can refund the paid amount through PPI claims.

Take proper medication for your trip. Avoid sun exposure. Use sunscreens to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Avoid wearing tight clothes during long trips. Consult your doctor and get medical reports before leaving for the destination.

Research about the place and identify its climate conditions. Pack your luggage accordingly.

Wash your hands properly before and after eating. Use hand wash.

Pack healthy low-fat snacks, fruits, and nuts. These foods have few calories compared to junk foods.

Check your medicines before travelling. Carry first-aid kit.

As travelling is stressful, be prepared mentally with unexpected flight delays, flight cancellations.

Lift your luggage carefully. Medical reports say that 50% of travellers develop injuries while lifting their luggage. Bend your knee properly and hold the baggage. Don’t overstrain your back and waist.

Enjoy your travel. For example, listen to your favourite music, play games, boost your thinking by Sudoku, crosswords, read magazine, play cards, chat with your friends etc.

Follow these simple tips to stay healthy during your journey. This way you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

About the Author

Maria is the author for this article.  And, she loves to watch movies and travel a lot during her free time. Catch her @financeport.

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