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Get Fit at Home: 5 Habits to Change at Home for a Healthier You

Guest Blogger: Dixie Somersexercise

Getting fit can seem like a daunting task. But getting into better shape can come with only a few simple changes. Reducing stress, eating healthier food, and getting a moderate amount of exercise are among the things that make a big difference without being a huge hassle. Below are five habits you can change in your home right now to improve your health and live longer.

1. Eat food that makes you feel good

It’s not hard to eat healthier when you pay close attention to how food makes you feel. You’ll find that low-quality junk food only makes you feel worse, not better. Nutritious foods that appeal to you often have the vitamins and minerals you need and less of the things you should avoid, such as added sugar and hydrogenated oils. If you cultivate this habit, it will eventually become natural.

2. Keep your exercise interesting

Monotonous jogging or working out for fitness can be boring and reduce your drive to exercise over time. With this in mind, try to be creative when choosing how to be active. Race events, group rides, and charity events can all give you variety and extra satisfaction that make you want to exercise more, not less. Find something you love like basketball, golf, or walking with friends around the neighborhood, and do that for exercise.

3. Spend less time on TV, the Internet, and phone

It’s common for people to spend hours on their mobile phones or home internet services every day, and this sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for heart disease and other problems. Scientists have shown the more you sit, the higher your chances are for health problems. In trading those activities for more active pastimes, you’ll not only be healthier but you might even save money on internet or telephone services.

4. Focus on sleeping well

Poor sleep is associated with bad health and higher rates of accidents. Making efforts to relax before bed, avoiding eating late at night, and keeping the bedroom darker can all make huge differences in your quality of rest. If you have trouble with the worries of the day after you lay down to sleep, try making notes of these issues so you can handle them in the daytime and drift off with peace of mind.

5. Cultivate healthy relationships with others

You’ll have an easier time staying healthy if you fulfill your need for healthy ties with friends or family. Science is showing that loneliness carries numerous health risks, including higher inflammation and increased risk of illness. By making friends who share your interest in eating carefully and staying fit, you’ll also have an easier time sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

 About the Author

This article was written by Dixie Somers. Dixie is a freelance writer and frequent blogger for health, family, business, and home niches. Make sure your home is set with the best internet and telephone services.

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