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Factors that Might Result in You Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Efforts

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Guest Blogger: Kevin Davislosing weight

The reality is that when your friends and family come to you for advice as to what they can do to lose the excess fat off their bodies, all you really need to do is give them the obvious advice on what they need to do in order to get the results that they are looking for. Once they apply the information they will be well on their way to getting the results they want to achieve.

A great example is that friend of yours who is just addicted to eating fast foods every single day of their life. So all you do when they come to you for some ‘weight loss tips’ is tell them to dump the burgers and start to eat more healthy and nutritious meals.

But what about you… you’re eating well and have been doing so for quite some time but still you’re not losing the weight that you want to lose.

Well, it is more than likely that you’ve hit some sort of weight loss plateau that has been caused by one of two different reasons which I will shed light on below:

1. You’re Getting Way Too Obsessed Over the Purity of Your Diet

Naturally if you are one of the few that are a little sensitive to things like celiac or gluten then it is perfectly understandable that you would be concerned about what your meal consists of.

Or if you happen to be extremely lactose intolerant then naturally you would be wary of all the various dairy products that are out there, or anything that could potentially contain some form of dairy.

But if you’re one of the majority in the sense that you are really healthy or happen to be slowly but surely working yourself up towards it… and you don’t have any particular sort of allergy with any food out there then you really are getting worked up about nothing. You should not expend so much energy on trying to get your diet as pure as possible because it will just lead to you getting stressed out, which really isn’t that great if you want to lose weight.

Eat healthy and nutritious meals but don’t get too worked up about it.

2. You’re Not Eating in Accordance to the Level of Exercise You Do

If you are a serious gym nut that is in the gym five times per week lifting those weights but still finds that the excess fat off your belly isn’t coming off then perhaps it’s time to start eating more healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes.

The people out there that are exercising on a regular basis need to make sure that they are consuming more healthy carbs to replace all the muscle glycogen that is being burnt.

Those that don’t exercise as intensely don’t need to eat as much. Just keep in mind that if you are working out hard and heavy but not eating well then over time you will cause serious damage to your adrenals and thyroid which of course will result in you not losing the weight that you want to lose.

You have to make sure that you’re eating in accordance to the level of activity that you actually engage in.

So there you have it, two of the most common reasons why people hit plateau’s on their journey to shed the excess fat. Hopefully by now you will be able to move forward and really get into incredible shape fast!

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Kevin is one of those people who really love to help everyone get into really great shape. He recommends that you check out his blog over at if you want to read up on seriously cool topics such as the truth about abs.

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