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Cannabis Therapy and Migraine

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by John Gary

Are you suffering from migraine headaches? Read this summary of an excerpt from the book Cannabis Revealed by Dr. Bonnie Goldstein.

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Bonnie Goldstein, who is a licensed physician in the state of California, often reports on what she is seeing from chronic pain, cancer, and pediatric epilepsy patients in her practice.

With the goal of helping our fellow humankind, Dr. Goldstein started Canna-Centers and is the medical director. The centers educate patients on the use of cannabis therapy. A lot of the parents who come to see Dr. Goldstein are fearful and afraid when they first come in her office. But then they feel like they need to tell everyone about cannabis oil and the great results they have.

Migraine headaches affect about 12% of people around the world. There are numerous triggers for headaches, such as certain food dyes or additives, which activate the beginning of the pain. The pain usually starts out mild as a dull ache, but then grows to an intense pain. People might say they are having a throbbing or pulsing headache and it is usually on just on the right or left side of their head. In addition to the pain, sufferers can experience nausea, light sensitivity, vomiting, and seeing an “aura.”

Many people notice that migraines run in their family so there could very well be a genetic component. Traditional drug treatment includes the “triptans” which are pretty good at reducing the pain of a headache, but they come with numerous side effects like dizziness, tingling, tightness in the chest, and vomiting. These side effects can trigger another migraine to occur, leading to a vicious cycle of pain.

There is not much scientific research available on the effectiveness for cannabinoid use with headaches, but the mechanisms by which headaches unfold seem to indicate that CBD oils, such as those found at, might be a good option. Since CBD oils work on the endocannabinoid system, and migraines trigger some sort of unbalance (bright light, dehydration, etc.) CBD oil may work to balance the system before the first hint of pain turns into a full migraine. Since there are very few to no side effects to CBD oil use, there is no fear of the rebound headaches experienced with traditional drugs.

There is well-known use of cannabis for thousands of years to treat a multitude of illnesses. Current patients are experiencing a lot of relief of pain, reduced nausea, and a more restful sleep from using cannabis. Patients are also reporting fewer headaches and the ones they do get are not as intense.

One of Dr. Goldstein’s patients, a 40-year-old woman, found immediate headache relief when she started to use a cannabis inhaler. Since she started to use medical cannabis, she has not had to take any ibuprofen in over 3 years and has only experienced 3 migraines in that same amount of time. She does not have to worry about the triggers, plan out exactly what she is going to eat, or miss any more of her child’s activities. This woman was most likely suffering from a deficiency in her endocannabinoid system. Cannabis and CBD oils work on the cannabinoid receptors to bring stabilization back to the brain, to keep it from raising inflammation.


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