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Alternative Healing – A Testimony

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Guest Blogger: Rosiland Miller

Refraining from the use of harsh healing methods, alternative healing follows the concept that anything that shocks the body does more harm than good. Thus, healing approaches less invasive to the body are advocated. Following is the testimony of a woman who underwent several of the most drastic treatments existing in the medical field-surgery.

Kitty Nelson has fibromyalgia; she also has undergone nine surgeries, all for different health issues. Tragically, she would not hesitate in having another if she felt it was needed. Kitty failed to see that each surgery brought on a new problem, which, unfortunately, she sought to remedy with another surgery, and of course there is always a willing surgeon to accommodate her. Kitty admits she is surgery-prone, but believes it is the only solution, and brags that she is an excellent candidate for surgery because she heals so well. You can’t argue with that because her scars heal neatly and she never gets infections; her friends expected her to come home healed from her last surgery, but she didn’t.

Still walking with a cane and drugging herself to sleep due to pain, Kitty has no idea why she is suffering from yet another problem; however, she is ready for another surgery, and she still has fibromyalgia, which in itself cannot be healed with surgery; she still has them. IN the meantime, this woman failed to realize that each surgical attack on her body affects the equilibrium of her overall system, and years later, she will suffer from severe consequences that will remain with her for a lifetime.

In the meantime, after much insistence from her friends, she sought out some natural healing remedies at a Wellness Center offering various healing techniques that Kitty was unfamiliar with; surprising, since many alternative healing modalities effective in treating fibromyalgia are available. However, caught up with traditional medicine, she had no clue. With someone guiding, actually leading, her, which Kitty always seemed desperately needing, no wonder, an attitude developed from being a patient so long in the medical system, which regards patients as passive recipients with minimal say in their healing process.

Courageously refusing any more surgeries, and determined to get well, Kitty started on an alternative healing program to take charge over her healing. She started with a series of massage therapies and acupuncture treatments along with reiki and even some spiritual exercises. Joining a yoga class to stretch her aching muscles, never advised by her family doctor, was an additional approach she adopted. After several months of diligent work, Kitty was seen less and less with her cane. Even with some prompting from a surgeon, she refused, which was the best thing that happened for her. Instead, she stuck with her less drastic means of self-healing regimen, continuing with it even though the result of her progress was extraordinary. Now her regimen of natural healing exercises is basically intended for preventive measures, to avoid re-occurrence of any problems.

A Clearer View

Kitty was subjected to the traditional medicine concept that considers surgery as a very readily acceptable means of treatment. This woman allowed herself to get caught up within the controls of the medical establishment, thus becoming a passive, yielding patient. Not cognizant of the natural-given powers for her body to self-heal, if allowed to, Kitty resorted to violent and desperate means of approaching her medical problems. To add, it is questionable if this woman needed any of these surgeries, but the bottom line was that she permitted herself to be controlled by others.

As a victim of the system, Kitty lacked the knowledge of breaking away; perhaps was unwilling to do so, until others came to her aid and helped her find another means of healing. It also appears that Kitty lacked the incentive to think for herself and take control over her own health. There were means for her to learn about alternative medicine; she rejected them, either because she was reluctant to make changes, didn’t trust other methods of healing, or was under the influence of her doctor.

Some rely completely on their doctors (as this woman’s testimony indicates) to the point that questioning them would be unthinkable; accustomed to a system that expresses an almost exalted reverence toward the medical establishment, placing doctors in near-hierarchical positions. However, gradually, this attitude is changing with the ever-growing serious medical errors occurring at an alarming rate, where reports claim that over 60,000 patients are either harmed or killed each year due to malicious negligence or error. In the meantime, much of this reverence toward the medical establishment has been tarnished. The bottom line is that alternative natural healing advocates that surgery should be the last choice made for approaching a health problem.

About the Author

Rosiland Miller has been in the educational field for over 30 years. She lives in Florida and NYC. She is a member of Who’s Who of American Women, American Association of University Professors, International Association of Women of the World, now devoting her time to writing and holding workshops and lectures, She has held workshops for UNICEF and International World Peace at Loyola College, Maryland, and has also done research at the Smithsonian Institution and Museum of National History for her book on a study used at Eckerd College Florida. She was awarded a grant by the Humanitarian Society of MD to conduct workshops throughout Maryland on the subject “Women Forward”. Miller was also the head of the Department of World Cultures at the University of Baltimore.

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  1. Samatha says:

    Hi Victor,
    It does my heart good to see such wonderful content being written about the field of wellness and fitness.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Caroline says:

    Great article on alternative healing. I had a serious medical condition long ago but I was never cured by modern treatment or medicines. I was healed by Christ.

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