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The Secret to Relationships is to Understand Human Nature

Guest Blogger: Joss Lace

The most important thing everyone needs to begin and maintain a healthy relationship is a deep understanding of human nature. While this might seem simple to say, it’s very rare to actually find people with the maturity to deeply understand all aspects of their partner’s behavior. Unless one is really competent at understanding core traits of people in general, they will have a difficult time finding friends, much less relationships. Of course, it is difficult to identify people’s deeper nature or decide whether a relationship will work out before actually getting into it, but that is part of the challenge.

Not many of us possess the analytical skills or the expertise to know everything about all aspects of human nature—I certainly don’t. Most of us just pick up basic relationship skills as we go along. However, making an effort to understand what works and figuring out all the aspects of people’s behavior will go a long way towards helping you build healthy relationships that stand the test of time and your own doubts. There are a few simple methods of observation you can use to understand the nature of your partner and adjust your own personality accordingly if you long for a lasting relationship.

Relationships invariably break down and people are left questioning themselves about what went wrong. In many cases of breakdown in relationships, the most common factor is rushing into decisions without fully understanding the human nature of a relationship. People eventually change, and someone with a very rigid thought processes and outlook on life can find himself increasingly out of touch in a relationship that he thought was going well. The signs are there for everyone to see; but sadly, many of us choose to not recognize change as an intrinsic part of a relationship.

Too often, in our busy schedules, we refuse to take time out to understand, care for, feel, and cherish the people we have in our lives. This practice of exclusion invariably presents itself in the form of a relationship broken beyond repair. The key to relationships is to understand human nature – I can assure you, it will help you enormously to understand your partner and bridge the gap that inevitably exists in any relationship. No one can claim to have successfully navigated through a relationship without an innate understanding of his/her partner.

As human beings, we all share a common need to be loved, respected, cherished, and valued. These are some of the basic expectations found across all relationships. Anyone who doesn’t get the basics right will eventually fumble halfway into a relationship and the end result is almost always ugly.

Always remember that every adult human was once a little boy or girl who came into this world and had to find a way to cope with the imperfections in their parents and the world around them. It is impossible for any child not to come out of their childhood without issues – insecurity and misreading’s for whatever reason it may be. And these issues carry on into adulthood—often never dealt with, and often we are totally unaware of how much they are still affecting every aspect of our life. We humans share a common story in this way. We are all wrestle with the human condition. Learning to respect and appreciate that will help you understand your partner’s behaviour in a much deeper way. And then you have found the secret to relationships that last.

About the Author

Joss is a passionate writer searching for ways to help the planet and humanity move forward. She researches our world and the ceaseless journey of ideas. She recently came across the work of biologist Jeremy Griffith who deals with the cause of our issues, which is us, humans, and our human condition. You can read a review here.

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