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Top Apps, Sites, and Devices for Weight Management

by Samantha Greenbaum

When it’s time to shed some weight, pack on lean muscle or even live a generally healthier lifestyle, many are surprisedIPhone to hear that technology may be the tool that is needed in order to accomplish lasting change. There are now more apps, websites, online programs, and advanced devices than ever that have been created specifically for the health enthusiast, but it can be tough to wade through the tens of thousands of options in this growing industry. For those that are ready to create a new healthy lifestyle from the ground up, here are some of the top tech products currently available.

Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy has become one of the highest-rated and most-downloaded apps on both the iPhone and Android app markets due to a long list of standout features. While other apps provide a handful of diagrams, pictures or videos that teach the basics of various exercise maneuvers, Fitness Buddy takes this one step further. In the paid version, users have access to over 1,700 exercises broken down by type of routine or area of the body. With this $1.99 app, users have access to over 1,000 high-definition videos of each exercise and ways to track their progress over time.

Fit Bit

Fit Bit remains one of the leaders of this industry with a wide array of devices, apps and programs that all interconnect with one another in order to create a comprehensive system for a healthier lifestyle. This includes watch or clip-on GPS chips that allow individuals to track their steps throughout the day as well as record the speed and distance of runs and bike rides. These devices also connect with apps and online programs that allow users to track their calories, diet and even the quality and quantity of sleep they are getting every night. is geared towards the health enthusiast who wants to bring out a competitive nature or simply connect with a large group of like-minded individuals. This single website provides links and resources to countless races, health events, charity runs and much more. Users can also create their own competitions, and then team up against one another in customized challenges for runs, swims, bike rides and more. For those that would like a little extra help in their journey, a variety of nutritionists, health enthusiasts, and coaches are only a message away to provide professional assistance at no cost to users.

Gym Pact

While everyone may wish to live a healthier lifestyle, many people might need a unique incentive, ideally in the form of money. Gym Pact is a unique app that can be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android device and will connect users with one another to agree on a pact for working out. Users set their weekly goals and then a specified monetary amount. The advanced GPS tracker will then track how many hours per week users spend in the gym. Those that fail to reach their goals lose the pact and their money. Those that meet their weekly workout goals will split the winnings evenly between them and then deposit the money into their bank or PayPal account.

About the Author

Samantha Greenbaum is a gadget nut and health-conscious mother of two. If you’re looking for aid in your exercise, try the apps mentioned above. If you’re looking for aid in using your tablet, Samantha recommends trying the Kensington iPad keyboard.

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