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5 Exercises to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

by John Gary

Eyesight is one of the five senses and should be considered instrumental to one’s lifestyle. It is essential that the eye area be taken care of, so daily tasks can easily be performed. When eyesight fails, an exam by an eye doctor must be conducted to be able to rectify the issue. When you allow your eyesight to continue to decrease, you can end up with major eye issues. This is why glasses and proper eyewear are a must when caring for the eyes.eyes

Eye exercises are a great way for individuals to be able to take care of the eye area and help to avoid additional eye issues. The eyes are a muscle and must be worked to maintain good health and optimal performance. However, most people have no idea how to actually exercise the eye area. There are several movements that can be done at home to get the muscles of the eye moving and promote good eye health. Below are a few options for you to try to better your vision and overall eye health.

Eye Rolling

Eye rolling may be an excellent form of sarcasm but it can also work well to exercise the eye muscles. Concentrate on rolling your eyes for at least one minute. You will need to roll your eyes clockwise for one minute and then do the same counter clockwise. Try to do the exercise without stopping. This exercise can help you to maintain eye muscle strength and develop agility in this area.

Thumb Assistance

Another great exercise you can do involves the thumb. Take your arms and extend them fully forward with your thumbs pointing up, like giving thumbs up. Begin to move your arms closer to your eyes all the while concentrating on your thumbs. This will allow you to practice your ability to focus. This exercise can be done several times a day to maximize focusing.

Resting Breaths

A comfortable exercise to consider trying is resting breaths. Sit down and try to relax. Take your hands and rub them together until warm. Then close your eyes and place your hands over your eyes in a cupping motion, without actually touching the eye area. Imagine a relaxing place or moment and take deep breaths. This will allow the eye area to relax and rest from continual movement.


Massage can work wonders for any part of the body including the eyes. You can choose to do a full face massage or eyelid massage to work the eye muscles. Use your fingertips to massage the forehead and eye area. With circular movements and a soft touch, massage these areas to give relief to your eye muscles.

Eye Swings

To practice rhythmic movements, consider Round or Bar Swing exercises. For bar swings, you will need to stand in front of something that is bar-like, such as a fence with vertical lines. You will then focus on an object on the other side of the bars and focus only on that item. With round swings, you will be focusing on something close to the ground. You will need to move in a swaying motion and then continue to focus on the object. This will allow you to practice focusing while in motion.

All of these exercises can help you to promote good eye health. Visit an exercise website, where you can find several options with videos that can teach you how to move the eyes for continual exercise and performance. By practising these exercises a few times a week, you can ensure that your eyes can perform and remain healthy for years to come.

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