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10 Tips for Lazy Moms to Maintain Their Body Shape

by John Gary

Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy! Though you may be enjoying every bit of this motherhood, there are times when new moms really feel lazy about getting back to shape. However, it is okay not to feel bad about this! Even if you feel that you don’t have time for all this, you can definitely opt for some really easy moves to maintain your body shape.lazy moms

Here are some great tips you’ll simply love to apply for your post-baby belly reduction:

Take a Break

If you have recently given birth, then all you need to do is to stay calm! It surely is a joyful achievement of your life. Don’t panic about your weight loss goal at first. Instead, enjoy the lovely moments. After a few days, you can plan ahead to get back your body shape.

Calculate Your Pounds and Set a Goal

Keep in mind that it takes time to lose weight after delivery. You can set this healthy goal: To lose 1.5 pounds per week. However, weight loss after pregnancy depends on varying factors such as, your age, metabolism, diet, and activity level. So, taking suggestions from your doctor is worthwhile here.

Burn Your Calories through Breastfeeding

Don’t feel like going for a post-delivery workout? Here is something even better than that: Breastfeeding. This actually helps you reduce 500 calories daily, depending on your milk production level.

Start Off With Post-Baby Diet

Do something that does not require any effort. While shopping for grocery, you can buy whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, and fat-free dairy products instead of processed foods. Stock them up in your fridge, eat these healthy treats, and relax!

Find an Activity You Enjoy the Most

Of course, you want to enjoy life along with baby care. Though you may find it tough, it definitely is possible if you are doing something you like the most. Interestingly, you can get moving by enjoying any of your favorite activities such as, swimming, walking, jogging, and even shopping.

Follow the “Two Are Better Than One” Approach

It is always better to get emotional support from your spouse. Share your weight loss and body re-shaping goal with him. You can take his help in terms of maintaining your body shape by going for a walk with him on a regular basis.

Keep Moving Even for Small Things

Your goal of shedding those extra pounds can be accomplished even if you consider the small things a part of your moves. For instance, when you want to drink water, take it yourself instead of asking a family member. This is unbelievably true: even your smallest moves can help you burn calories.

Start Knitting

Do you love to knit? If yes, then there is some good news for you: knitting helps you reduce 100 calories! So, while you are just sitting, you can start knitting a nice sweater for your little one. Without moving, you are losing weight!

Enjoy Active Playtime with Kids

There are post-delivery times when you really want to go outside to refresh your mood. How about enjoying playtime activities with kids at a nearby park? There are many other options too. Be it hide and seek, pillow fighting, or dancing with your toddler, you will end up laughing while burning more calories!

Stay Positive

Till now, you must be feeling more ambitious about maintaining your body shape the way you actually want. However, some mommies tend to get frustrated because of the body-reshape process going too slow. If you share similar thoughts, then it’s time to give yourself a treat. Remember that you have shed some pounds already. You can do more! Just think positive about your overall goal and visit sites that tell you more about achieving this goal.

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