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Tips to Minimize Damage in a Flooded House

Late last month, Hurricane Ian struck Florida and caused a lot of damage. Heavy and continuous rainfall caused flash floods in many areas. Houses and property are damaged by flooding. In case you choose not to evacuate and your house is prone to flooding, here are some tips to minimize damage and labor spent in repair/cleanup as learnt via first-hand experience with Ian’s flood damage.

flooded house

  1. Charge all electronic devices fully at the earliest on learning of a storm warning and use them only when needed to keep them working in case of an extended blackout during or following the storm. Keep candles and a lighter or two handy in case emergency lights stop working for some reason.
  2. Carpets and rugs are a headache in flooded houses. Once wet, they weigh at least twice than their original weight and will grow mold under them after the water has receded. The best thing is to have them off the floor in case of a major storm or flood warning.
  3. If the carpets get and you need to get rid of them after the flood, carefully slice them into pieces using a bladed cutter before taking them out to dispose in trash. Rolling up and getting a whole wet carpet out is way more laborious.
  4. If you have a small house and stuff has to go in boxes lying on the floor, make sure to have the stuff in solid plastic containers and NOT in cardboard boxes or paper bags.
  5. Keep enough non-perishable food stored in the pantry (upper sections) to last at least a few days. An extended blackout or damage to refrigerator in a flooded house can result in food spoilage.
  6. Taller vehicles – like jeeps and trucks, are comparatively safer from flood water than low-standing cars. Keep at least one tall vehicle if you live in a flood-prone area.
  7. Take pictures of the flooded house and surroundings during and immediately after the flood. These serve as evidence of the seriousness of damage caused by the flood to your house to claim your damages via insurance or other financial support offered for flood victims.

Getting flooded is no fun but nature will be nature and people can take the above and other measures to minimize damage to their property, health, and safety.

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