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Sustainable Fish Farming and 3D Designing

by Edward Lakatis

South African innovator Alan Flemming has recently made news by securing a finalist’s spot in the well-known Siemens fish tankStiftung’s Empowering People Award, which recognizes and rewards the most helpful technical innovations across the world in a developmental context. Fleming was quoted regarding fish farming as “South African innovation in action”.

Fleming’s innovation comes as a noteworthy contribution to an industry that has over the years grown in expanse and importance as a means of living worldwide. And with the growth of this sector, the scope of innovative design for fish farming has accordingly gone up. Whether it’s Seatech Engineering joining hands with shipbuilders for advanced fish farming supply vessels or Temasek Polytechnic collaborating with fish farming industry on establishing field labs, fish farming is becoming a focus area of innovative designing.

In our age of increasing emphasis on environmental-friendly businesses, fish farming techniques that are more on the sustainable side are getting greater attention for rewards and grants. An article in International Business Times foretells that fish farming techniques of the coming generation will be aiming for sustainability, as against older views that fish farming is not sustainable. This brings in the value of solid invention design for fish farming.

A good way to find out about the value of your innovation concept is to see a 3D invention design of it. The 3D designers work with creators of ideas for a technology or product to give them a preview of how their idea will look when materialized. In other words, it is a leap in time ahead to see what your finished product will look like when it is developed. The designers keep the innovator involved throughout the 3D designing process for feedback, based on which they go ahead with the designing procedures. Both grayscale (Black and White) and color designs are created to give the innovator a complete picture of their product.

Viewing in 3D not only gives an all-around view of the technology you have conceived, but also a good idea of its operation. In case of fish farming, for example, 3D viewing can help innovators get an idea of how effective their would-be technology can prove in getting around environmental issues like acidification of oceans and overfishing etc. Thus 3D designing can be used as an environmental-friendly, proactive means of developing sustainable solutions in fish farming.

So what are some of the things you need to consider before hiring any 3D designer’s services for your fish farming technology or any other invention idea?

The most important thing to consider is the closeness of collaboration offered by the designer. Make sure you pay someone who keeps you involved in as much of the process as possible so as to let you make the best decisions on what changes or modifications are required on your end for the best possible outcome.

Another factor to look for is the rights to designs. Good design services will let you keep all the designs they do for you, regardless of how many modifications or versions are created based on your suggestions. Usually it’s a good idea to ask a few people who have had experience working with 3D designers about their quality of services.

In addition, read reviews of the designer, compare with other reviews, and call them to ask questions about the process, costs, and rights, especially discussing scenarios of your satisfaction or lack of it with their services

With confidence in one’s creative invention ideas, any of us can be the Alan Flemming of future, whether in fish farming or any other industry. They key is thinking outside the box and having a broader field of view so as to not miss on anything that matters to our personal and social progress.

About the Author

Edward Lakatis writes about invention ideas, design, and industry related topics. He regularly contributes to Idea Design Studio, an invention development and marketing company. More of Edward’s writing can be found on

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