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Yes, I am a Homeschooler!

Guest Blogger: Robin Marvel

I often get asked, when I am out and about, if my girls have the day off of school. As I reply with a “no, they are homeschooled”, we usually get that look of “oh you’re one of those families”. There is a stigma that follows homeschooling.  A lack of knowledge leads people to instantly label your family. What they don’t know is that homeschooling your children is a family choice and has many benefits.

I have never been one to follow the norms of society. I have always believed that we are given this life and with it come choices to create exactly what you want. I think this plays an important part when raising your children. It is important to instill a sense of freedom, allowing your children to be true to who they are. Homeschooling creates this environment.

My experience with public schools is that they create a robotic type of system—setting one set of standards and expectations for all students. It is imperative that children follow the line and if you are to step out of that line, hold on, cause it’s going to be a rocky ride. As your child enters the public school system, the programming starts immediately to conform the child to the societal standards. It becomes critical to become the best, and be the best at everything. The pressure of grades is applied; the pressure of fitting in and the pressure to be number one, all become priority. These behaviors feed the ego, creating an illusion that this is what’s important in life. Life becomes more about what you have and being the best, leaving little room for the real important things of life. Children start to lose their self-esteem as they are labeled wrong and troubled for being different.

As I have homeschooled my own children, I have learned that not all kids learn the same. My oldest daughter learns very quickly, can read anything, and have it memorized. She would be top of the class in public school. If your child is top of the class, you need not worry the school will send home rewards and praise you at each teacher conference. Now on the other hand, my second daughter learns very hands-on; she doesn’t care to read it and write answers, but to reenact and create her lessons. This would most definitely cause problems in public school.

If your child stands out, has a learning disability, or just dances to their own tune, then they are in for it. You can expect letters home, visits to the principal, and all sorts of disciplinary action. What is sad is that most children that are not following the prototype set up by their public school just need the room to breathe and be who they are.

Homeschooling allows this. It allows you to nurture the strengths of your children all the while feeding their passions, creating an empowered, confident child. Strengthening humanity one child at a time!

About the Author

Robin Marvel

Robin Marvel

Robin Marvel is a multi-published author and nationwide motivational speaker in the field of self-development. She has taken the negative situations she was dealt throughout her life and turned them into motivation and purpose, getting audiences on their feet participating in the empowerment of their lives. You can find her online at

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