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Why Is It Worth Using Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions are getting to the mainstream as an alternative to cosmetic treatments. Is it worth using them, and how to adjust a perfect variant for your needs? Here’s all you need to know about extensions.

Some still associate it with special occasions – but the truth is, hair extension treatments have become an essential element of each hairstyle salon. It’s also increasingly common to apply it on your own in order to give the hairstyle a totally new look. With tape-in extensions or clip-in extensions, it’s incredibly easy. You don’t need any professional skills to apply them.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions and the instant metamorphosis

There is no other product available on the market that allows you to change the length and volume of your hair in a few minutes. The only alternative is the wig – but it doesn’t provide such a natural effect as the extensions. The strands can have different length and width, and you can distribute them the exact way you want, so that they blend with the natural hair. If applied correctly, the bonding will not be visible at all.

Hair extensions vs. cosmetics

When struggling with the low volume of hair, we often reach out for cosmetics. However, this strategy doesn’t always bring results. For some, the effect lasts no longer than a few hours after the last wash. Then, the hair comes back to its previous shape. If you want the volume to last longer, you can use hair extension. Some methods are made perfectly for this purpose – like the micro ring one. In its case, the head is covered with a microscopic net through which the hairdresser sews the strands. The effect is very natural – it’s practically impossible to differentiate your natural hair and the additional strands. You may also consider hot fusion or cold fusion for this purpose.

How to take care of your hair extensions?

Not everyone knows that just like the standard wigs, the hair extensions are also made with natural hair and are reusable. You can (and should) wash them with a shampoo from time to time and even apply a conditioner and cosmetics made specifically for this purpose. This way, you’ll extend their durability. Extensions can be a subject to the heat treatment, but don’t do it too often to avoid damages. You can use your hair cosmetics to wash the extensions – however, make sure they do not contain sulfates which dry the hair and damage the cuticle.

Still not convince to extension? Check tape in hair extensions before and after to see how natural can they look like! Order in Viola Hair extensions.

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