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Graphic Designer by Day and Black Widow by Night

by Michell Spoden

Today, I’m having a chat with Tori Dubis, a twenty five years old graphic designer/illustrator.                  

Michell: Please share with our viewers a bit about your experiences at the Wizard World events and why you like to dress up for them ?

Tori: I started going to conventions two years ago. First time I didn’t dress up; I was too nervous but seeing everyone in their cosplays was so exciting and fun and made me say “Wait I could totally do that.” Doing it now my favorite part by far is seeing people smile when they see you because they recognize the character immediately.

Michell: Is there one particular costume you like to wear or are there more than one ?

Tori: As of right now, I think I’m best recognized as Black Widow; she’s the only one I’ve worn multiple times thus far. Plus she’s a badass and one of my favorite Marvel characters.

Michell: Please tell us a bit about your artistic side and how it influenced your life.

Tori: I’ve been drawing for forever, mostly on my own. My dad went to school to be a painter and my mom has always loved fashion and art. So they always supported my interest. Taking it to Art school and now most recently at American Greetings.

Michell: Share a secret with us about yourself that not many people know.

Tori: Oh gosh. Back in high school I wanted to be a Pro-Wrestler. Never got into a camp but trained super hard at the gym! Being 5’3″ and petite, I needed to work super hard and be flexible with my approach but alas art won out and I put that dream to the side. I’m still super athletic and love yoga and weightlifting but not really pursuing anything professionally!

Michell: Do you support any charitable causes?

Tori: I’ve worked alongside the Edie Hand foundation for years, and they are a big supporter of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Michell: Are you moved by colors?

Tori: Being involved in art, color is inspiring and eye-catching. Greens and bright blues call out to me the most. Something is calm and soothing about them while still maintaining attention in your mind. I think of the phrase, “Confidence is silent.” Sometimes the most subtle colors (or people) can be the most exciting.

Michell: Do you ever see yourself on commercials or acting?

Tori: I wanted to do acting for a while; I think everyone fantasizes about that at some point. I was never involved in anything at school; I was a bit introverted and much more focused on my art but did always dream about starring in an action film or even doing a play at some point.

Michell: What are some of your long term goals?

Tori: Following my Joy and excitement are my only goals and they are ever-changing. Being an art director or going back to school to be a concept artist for movies sound great but I do enjoy focusing short-term.

Visit Tori’s website

About the Author

Michell Spoden a freelance writer and advocate for woman who has a nonprofit organization called Dream Builders.

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