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Anxiety and Depression

5 Tips on How to Beat Anxiety

by Peter King

Anxiety is a deadly symptom that causes us not to think straight, and sometimes it may lead to a panic attack and other diseases, such as high blood pressure. One way to beat the anxiety is by taking deep breaths. The breathing is connected to our minds, and when you take a slow deep breath, the mind and body can come down and relax as well. This kind of tactic is known to be one of the most efficient methods of calming our nerves. There are other products such as CBD oils that help in fighting anxiety as well. Get more information on how to use the oils for anxiety at are five tips that you can use to beat anxiety.

1. Replace Anxious Thoughts

One way to fight anxiety is by getting rid of the anxious thoughts. This involves understanding what causes you to have those anxious and fearful moments and by knowing them you will be in a position to fight them. How? You should know that we have power in controlling what to retain in our minds and want to get rid of. For example, if you get an anxious thought about maybe your exams results, just replace that negative thought by visualizing how your graduation day will be like and how you will celebrate your last day in college.

2. Practice the 7-2-11 Relaxing Breathing

The 7-2-11 breathing is essential in keeping us calm and relaxed since it helps us know how to control our breathing when we are in a fearful or disturbing situation. You can practice the breathing technique while doing your chores, before you do a presentation in your workplace or when walking as well. How does it work? One is required to take a slow deep breath for a count of seven, then hold your breath for a total count of two, and afterward release it slowly to a count of eleven. This kind of breathing is an excellent therapy when one is in an awkward situation, and it works magic in calming your nerves. You may not be good in timing for the first few days, but with frequent practice, you will be able to count.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

Maintaining healthy eating works magic in ensuring that your body is getting the right nutrients for proper functioning. For example, eat more fruits and vegetables over sweet foods and junk. Also, replace your caffeine intake with lots of water and if you feel like taking some tea, opt for green tea instead. You should know that a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind.

4. Exercise

Exercising is quite vital for your body as the more active you are, the more your brains are able to function well. It allows a good flow of the blood in the body hence improving your general health. It also helps in shifting your mind from the negative thoughts and fight the stress hormones responsible for anxiety and stress. It is not necessary for you to hit the gym; you can just take a walk or jog around the neighborhood.

5. Enroll in Yoga Classes

Yoga is a therapy for many symptoms such as depressions, stress, and anxiety too. The yoga classes guide you in dimming and taking your mind away from all the thoughts causing you to be anxious. Thus they help you to be in a more relaxed and calmer situation. So take up some classes in yoga, and it will help you be a better and healthy person, both mentally and physically.

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