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The Benefits of Digital Detox

by Ann Harrison

Do you feel as if you have to have your devices with you at all times? Are you addicted to your smart phones and computers? Why not try a bit of digital detox?

The term digital detox simply means that you put down your phones or tablet and take some time offline, so that you can reconnect with your environment, and with people around you. Instead of texting the person sitting beside you, why not have a face-to-face conversation? If someone has moved away, why not call him or her on the phone, instead of sending a message on social media, or texting him/her?

Our question to answer here is: why should we consider digital detox as a benefit to our health? There are several reasons we should step away from our electronics, one of which is the most important. Digital detox reduces undue stress. Research shows that when people put down their phones or tablets and take a walk in the outdoors, they feel as though they have taken control of their lives, and their lives have become more balanced.

Besides the fact that detoxing from your digital devices can help you make new friends and grow your current relationships, taking time offline can give you a chance to relax and think clearly. If you don’t have the screen to stare at, you don’t have to worry that you missed the next phone call, or message from someone across the globe, when that next tweet or Facebook post may not be as important as you first thought.

Here’s a thought for those of you who want some downtime to get creative: how can you brainstorm, or let the seed of an idea take root and grow into a piece of writing, music, or other type of art, if you’re constantly tied to your phone? Taking a digital break can give you the quiet time you need to allow your thoughts to wander freely. In order to detox from your digital connections, you may need to put your phone on “do not disturb” while jotting down ideas you want to explore later.

Now, of course you can create your own digital detox. Do you find yourself always jumping online when your phone dings, beeps, or vibrates? Why not turn your social media notifications off for a few hours, so you can work, or simply have some uninterrupted time with the special people in your life? If you choose to take this action, leave a social media post, telling your connections that you will be out of the loop for a while. This is one of many ways to keep your body from going into digital overload.

Do you find that you’re eating on the run? Leave your phone in another room during a meal with friends or family members. This is a chance to focus on your food and the table conversation around you. Meal times should be set aside for being in the here and now, not a world away while staring at your screen.

If you are addicted to your digital devices, and can’t seem to walk away from them, you can get help. There are a handful of internet addiction treatment centers and support groups in the US, that can help you create a digital detox. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, when you feel that your life is out of control. Let someone help you kick your internet addiction and get your life back in balance.

About the Author

Ann Harrison-Barnes is the author of two books, A Journey of Faith, A Stepping Stones Mystery, and Stories Outside the Box. She has also been published in several anthologies. Aside from her work as a Christian fiction author, Ann is a professional writer and she also crochets bookmarks and book covers to promote her books. To learn more about Ann and her work, visit her website at

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