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5 Steps for Effectively Dealing with a Shopping Addiction

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Guest Blogger: Dixie SomersShopping Addiction

A shopping addiction is a serious problem in America. Shopping can be a way to cope with stress or feel a momentary high, which can classify it as an addiction. If you’re struggling with a shopping obsession, here are 5 steps to helping you deal with it.

1. Cancel Open Credit Lines

Credit cards make it extremely easy for anyone to overextend themselves while shopping. One of the best ways to curb the impulse to shop is to cancel all of a shopper’s credit cards. An over-shopper will be far more hesitant to spend when they don’t have an open credit line to charge. Paying for everything in cash is extremely inconvenient, and the time that it takes to get to an ATM may give a shopper enough time to rethink their purchase. Most shopping addictions are fed by impulse, so just a few minutes of extra time can be invaluable in changing their mind.

2. Sell the Excess

Many people who have a shopping addiction also have many items at home that they never needed but had to buy. One great way to start recovering from a shopping addiction is to sell of all of these items. A shopping addiction isn’t just about buying things; it’s also about having these things. Getting rid of things online is extremely easy through online auction houses. Specific items such as mens printed and patterned t-shirts can be sold at an auction house in a batch to get them out of the house quickly and to get some money back into the bank. Online market places like eBay can also be used.

3. Avoid Shopping Triggers

Avoiding environments and triggers that cause shopping can be important to treat the addiction. People who shop when stressed should try to treat their stress while they are treating their addiction directly. Those who can’t help but shop when they are in the area should avoid highly commercial areas such as the mall.

4. Cancel Online Accounts

The internet makes it easier than ever to buy things on impulse and online. A shopper who knows that they have an addiction should cancel their online shopping accounts immediately. This will make it more difficult for them to complete a transaction if they want to. If the addiction is particularly strong, the shopper can also choose to block these sites entirely.

5. Be Honest

Shoppers that are suffering from a shopping addiction should be honest and open with their friends and family about it. Friends and family who do not know about a shopping addiction may inadvertently contribute to it by inviting the shopper out to the mall or asking the shopper to buy things with or for them. Friends and family can be instrumental in helping the shopper end their addiction and take control over their finances again.

About the Author

This article was written by Dixie Somers. Dixie is a freelance writer who enjoys writing often for the health, family, and business niches.

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