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Guest Blogger: Michaela Sefler

Releasing  negative energies, transforming unresolved situations, and cleansing ourselves from past doubt and calming our minds and meditating on new solutions are possible since we can learn to meditate and use methods supported by new age studies. As we learn about healing crystals, meditation, and new age techniques – such as vibration and sound theories – we become aware that we are supported in our quest to ascension. The beauty of nature is a source of inspiration as the colors and sounds and wonders leave us captivated.

Tarot correspondences help us reveal our own soul light even at times when our own inspiration and vision require attuning. Since our own vibrations fluctuate as our energy levels are adjusting to the stimuli around us, we can focus and mediate, to be tuned in with our own soul journey, clearly perceiving the light of our existence.

Understanding the nature of crystals, vibrations of matter, allows us to appreciate the diversity of healing facets in creation; and as we open ourselves to the energy of their beauty, we learn to channel our focus on the positive pulsation of the universe. Color associations are vital as these relate to auras, energy, and inspiration. As many signs and symbols urge and guide our quest, like a river flowing, our words fill the world with instruction. We are vessels of the light, each one vital. And moving ahead is simply transforming points in time where we rise again, correcting our own mistakes.

Finally, through sights and sounds, we are stirred through our senses to processes and appreciate nature; we are touched and we are healed by the experience. Harmonics and vibrations of sound can move us, transform us, and heal us through the sound field. As cycles return and we look at ourselves, we realize that we have experienced, appreciated, and have known. When we have reconciled our past with the present, we realize that our decisions are vital in shaping our future; we cannot always see the whole picture in the barrage of new stimuli that a new situation brings; however, we can get through the deep freeze of life’s path as we understand that our instincts and steps are bringing us closer to who we want to be.

About the Author

Michaela Sefler is a new age writer, poet, children’s fairytale writer singer-songwriter, radio broadcaster. Her work is esoteric, drawing on love and soul, to convey a message of hope and survival. Focusing and harmonious aspects of creation, she inspires readers with healing facets of our own existence as related through ancient studies. She has seventeen published books, and a mystical songs CD, and has hosted her radio show Poetry Music and Transcendence Radio show on various networks. Michaela is also a holistic coach and has been published in many magazines including the holistic print journals Light Bridges Magazine, and Recovering the Self. Visit her online at

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