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Five Vitamins and Supplements That Are Actually Worth Taking

by Dave Wicks

Thousands and millions of dollars are spent every year in research of the necessary vitamins that a human body requires. Recent research shows that there are in fact many vitamins which have absolutely no utilization to the human body. For our visitors on our expert panelist will explain which vitamins are in fact necessary and are worth taking up as supplements.????????

There is a huge range and variety of supplements available in the market for various needs of a human body. Right from muscle gain to weight reduction everything boils down to the body’s intake of food and along with it the supplements. Our bodies do need vitamins to live and these are absolutely essential for a healthy body and a healthier lifestyle. But there are only a handful of supplements that are actually required by human body on regular basis. Intake of these supplements will take care of the overall wellness of the human body.

Vitamin D

One of the most basic and fundamental vitamins a human body requires. Normally this vitamin is obtained from the sun. The UV rays that a body receives from the sun are a catalyst in creating vitamin D in the body. But due to the threat of harmful ultra violet rays and risk of cancer along with it, many people avoid exposure to the direct sunlight and hence deficiency of vitamin D is observed in many. Also the availability of sunlight, skin pigmentation, geographical location etc plays a major part in the reception of the direct sunlight. Hence supplements of vitamin D are recommended.


It’s fashionable now days for doctors to prescribe anti-biotics for a minor fever or sickness. This leads to the destruction of millions on colonies of bacteria in the human body. It is only common sense that to nullify the effect of anti biotics once the illness has subsided, the body requires, probiotics to replenish the deficiency of the bacteria in the human body


Vitamin C that usually comes with citric acid doesn’t really help much combat common cold etc, but on the other hand its supplement zinc helps a great deal. The mineral zinc is in fact involved in many of the metabolic activities and helps combat the rhinoviruses, microbes that cause the common cold. Hence supplements of zinc help a great deal.


Commonly known as vitamin B3 is considered to be the one solution to many problems. But is almost all cases a pre- prescription is required of niacin for it to show some significant result. Niacin has also shown to be of great help to people with heart diseases. And supplements of niacin has proved to be of great effect to reduce the occurrence of cardiac arrest


Calcium is used for strengthening the bones in the human body. And along with it calcium also is used up by the body for performing the involuntary actions related with the metabolism. If the supply of the calcium to the human body via food is not adequate then the human body stars consuming the required amount of calcium from the bones of the body. The bones hence become weak and porous. This leads to many dangerous illnesses in the body. To address to this situation it is advisable to regularly take up calcium supplements. The age and gender of a person also plays an important factor in deciding how much amount of calcium is in fact enough for the human body. A generic chart of requirement of calcium is given on but consulting your physician is always safe.

About the Author

Dave Wicks is wellness consultant at and is a practicing nutritionist in many of the leading health institutions. Father of three, Dave is a serial marathon runner and a fitness enthusiast.

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