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5 Reasons Motivation is Important

Guest Blogger: Coleen Torres

Sometimes in life it is hard to get started. Sometimes it is hard to continue. Sometimes it is hard to finish. Whatever stage you are in, you need one thing to complete it successfully: motivation. Motivation is the cornerstone for success, no matter what you are doing. But why is motivation so important?

1. Motivation is the spark – Motivation is the spark that sets the fire. It gets things started. Without motivation, anything you choose to do will take more effort and be less successful, if it gets started at all. Just like having a match, motivation makes starting things so much easier. You have a desire to start, so you start with the right attitude to be successful.

2. Motivation fuels – Like wood in the fire, motivation keeps you going. You have to constantly nurture your motivation, reevaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you keep your motivation going strong, you will be successful. But you have to remember to keep adding to it or it will burn out.

3. Motivation warms – Like a fire, motivation keeps you alive in the cold. Life is hard. It gets complicated, it gets expensive, and there are always problems. Motivation can help you to keep going despite the problems. If you keep your motivation high and your eyes on the goal, no problem will seem insurmountable.

4. Motivation can change – Like the flickering of flames—one minute yellow, the next orange— motivation can change. Your reason for accomplishing your goals may change as you go along. Maybe you start out with one reason, change reasons halfway through, and then finish with a third reason. Whatever the case may be, keeping and staying motivated is the key.

5. Motivation satisfies – When you take a long journey, you will get tired. You’ll get burnt out and disappointed with the path. But if you keep your motivation and keep going, it is all worth it in the end. Regardless of whether you accomplished what you set out to do, you can still be satisfied if you maintained your motivation. You never lost hope, even if things didn’t quite work out the way you planned.

Motivation can be many different things. To some people, money is motivation, or health, or their family, or business. No matter what your motivation is or what your goals are, remember to keep your motivation high and your eyes on the prize.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Brian Littrell

About the Author

Coleen Torres is a blogger at Phone TV Internet, which aims at becoming the top resource for phone, TV, and Internet information on the web.


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