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It Is Never Too Late

by Sara Stringer

As I sit here and read over the blog reel at Pearson Student, I get a common theme of never giving up. Of course, there are wonderful resources to help you on your way to success, but there is such a positive vibe for those of us who are in need of second or maybe third chances. This is where I fit in.Alexis-career-in-healthcare

I have been on the scholastic roller coaster not once or twice but three times, never completing what I set out to do. Similar to other stories that have been shared previously, I had other things that were priority. I wasn’t doing it for me, but because it was expected of me. Because I was told I would never amount to anything without a degree of some sort.

Well I have gone to prove all of those who doubted me wrong. I have found success and it wasn’t because of a fancy degree or years of cramming my head in the books. My success isn’t measured by the amount of money I have in the bank (thank goodness, because I have none). I have acquired success in other areas. I have raised a child who was not mine at a very young age and watched her finish high school and college. She is now beginning to achieve her dreams. I have a decent job that has room for growth and I am not a criminal. In my world, there is something to be said for these things.

Here is where I am at today. I have come to terms with my failed attempts and am ready to try again. This time it isn’t because I feel like I am not living up to my potential. It’s kind of the opposite. I have accepted my journey and realize that I had to do things in a different order than most.

I am married and would like to have children of my own very soon. This was actually where we were headed, but I realized I had some unfinished business that needed to be completed. I want a degree that will not only fulfill my desires but will allow me to have a more stable life the second go round at raising a kid.

My husband, the ever so patient man that he is, understands my new-found ambition and is supporting me 100 percent. It has taken me several years to figure out exactly what it is I want to do with my life, but I finally have the answer. The first time I was going to get a degree in business. The second in elementary education and the last attempt I was determined that psychology was my calling.

I didn’t realize until I had let go of everyone else’s words that what I was really interested was the medical field. I don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse. I want to be the person that greets you and nurtures you through your pain. I don’t want to be the one that rushes you out and knows nothing about you. My favorite doctor to visit myself is the dentist. I don’t know why — many people think I am nuts — but I enjoy the conversations with the assistant and she has inspired me.

This is why I have decided to look into medical assistant programs at Sanford Brown. They offer everything I am looking for. They have flexible scheduling available, online courses and a program that doesn’t take forever to complete. It’s my time and I am going to make it count. Whoever said the third time is a charm obviously didn’t know someone like me.

About the Author

Sara Stringer is freelance writer who enjoys writing about natural health alternatives. In her spare time, she enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle through swimming and practicing yoga.

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