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Health Care Bill: Development or Doom?

It’s a moment in history that will be remembered, for better or worse, as President Obama has passed the much debated health care bill that means to extend insurance coverage to roughly 32 million additional Americans. Whether it is development or doom, the opinion is divided. Here are some of the points that news sources have highlighted:

  • Most Americans will now be required to have health insurance or pay a fine.
  • Larger employers will be required to provide coverage or risk financial penalties.
  • Total individual out-of-pocket expenses will be capped, and insurers will be barred from denying coverage based on gender or pre-existing conditions.

We are inviting you to have your opinion voiced here at RTS. Use the comment box below to share your take on the health care bill. If you think it’s development, start with the word DEVELOPMENT in capitals followed by your comment. If you think it’s DOOM, write so while starting your comment.

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0 thoughts on “Health Care Bill: Development or Doom?”

  1. Murray Alfredson says:

    I wonder though, whether the insurers are likely to cap the benefits more severely. Just a question, as I do not know the bill, simply some of the sneaky ways of insurers.

  2. Janet Riehl says:


    There’s plenty not tackled in the bill. But for the Democrats, the first priority (and the essential one when they have the majority) is to get the expansion of coverage to their constituencies who are the most ill-served by the current system.

    The BIG PROBLEMS that remain relate to how to get costs under control, and I suspect there may even be room for bi-partisanship on that one.

    If Obama is smart, he’ll spend the next six months (up to November election time) pushing for financial regulation reform, and for cost cutting strategies to complement the current health care bill.

    In effect call the Republicans’ bluff that they care about debt and long-term solvency. If he does it right, he will expose the charlatans among them for what they are, and regain the offensive for the election season.

    Janet Riehl

  3. Laurie says:

    Doom. While the U.S. health care system certainly needs revamping on a number of different levels and while there are a number of worthwhile elements to this bill, it is not what the majority of Americans want.
    Our President and the Democrats have indeed overstepped their bounds. I’ve long considered myself an independent and have voted many times for Democrats. However, it will be sometime before I again do so. Shame on them for so blatantly disregarding the wishes of the American people in order to follow their own agenda.

  4. Jo Ann Magill says:

    DEVELOPMENT-Although Im writing development, I am really unsure. I think this is the kind of thing that is best studied after a couple of years in progress. In my heart though I believe all should have a way to seek medical care without incurring a huge medical debt. I am hoping this bill turns out to be a good thing for many people. At least Washington is trying to make changes.

  5. DOOM: It seems to me like the government is interfering in the people’s own personal business. I like it just fine prior to the healtcare reform when we who are poor and are considered disabled may be covered completely by our medicare Part D. Now as I understand it we will be forced to lay out an enormous sum out of our own SSI and SSD checks to pay for our mental health medication. With the government telling the people what they have to do and how they have to do it or face penalties certainly seems just like communism or some other form of government besides democracy. I protest highly. Timothy Louis Baker

  6. Dave Scotese says:

    DOOM. This is just another step on the Road to Serfdom, as described by F.A. Hayek in his book with that as the title. It would be much better if they decided to PUBLISH the list of insurers who follow their guidelines, so citizens who CHOOSE to be insured only by those insurers who follow them can do so, while other can remain free to buy (or not buy) insurance as they please.

  7. tom skiens says:

    I am ashamed at the efforts of the right to defeat a bill of this nature. The right claims that the left hates America. I would counter by suggesting that those who oppose health care for everyone in America must hate Americans. We shall see how all this turns out over the next 20 years.

  8. DEVELOPMENT for sure! This will help millions of people, including me, given that I am a cancer survivor and have several chronic medical conditions. It is worth noting that already, stocks are rising and people are noticing the more confident aura of the Democrats. The head of General Electric just predicted that if Republicans think they will gain seats in Congress this fall because the health bill is unpopular, they are mistaken. — Leonore H. Dvorkin, Denver, CO, USA — author of ANOTHER CHANCE AT LIFE: A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR’S JOURNEY, Norilana Books, 2009 (A good review of my book is in the April issue of Recovering the Self. Do a Google search on my name to find my website, with full details about my books.)

  9. Holli Kenley says:


    In a country where the public has the priveldge of enjoying a multitude of services that are government supported or sponsored and at a times mandated, I view the health care bill as a step towards promoting human regard and worth. Although every program has its flaws and costs, we don’t think twice about utilizing our public safety services, public libaries, public education, public legal assistance programs, public parks and recreation centers, public transportation, and the list goes on. Is the health of each individual in America worth less than the cost of running mass transit or of providing legal assistance to our most dimented and psychotic criminals in our society?

    This health care is not perfect; no bill is. But it is the beginning of providing Americans with a privilege that up until now has only been accessable to those who could afford it or to those who were fortunate enough to have an employer provide for it. As we continue to enjoy our parks, our museums, our education, and as we continue to depend upon the men and women who serve and protect us each and every day,let’s make certain that every man, woman and child will have access to services which meet the most basic need in all of us – staying alive.

  10. Jennifer says:

    DOOM!!! This is absurd!!! Sure, more people will get healthcare, but what about the bums that are already drawing free stuff. I mean, this bill is basically saying that we can all quit our jobs and receive free healthcare. And then to say that we MUST use the government approved healthcare plan or WE will be fined. Um….where did our freedom go??? So now we can’t even choose the healthcare we want. Sure, this bill will help some people that REALLY need it, but it’ll continue to reward the lazy low-lifes out there. Not to mention the individuals that are in our country illegally. They come into our country and have kids so they can stay. And our country is accomodating them. Obama needs to concentrate more on the AMERICAN citizens and not worry about the others. Sure…we may be the wealthiest country…but our tax dollars need to be used on OUR country and not other countries (HAITI, CHILI, etc). Our country is in a crisis and the government is only worried about helping non-Americans. America needs to be the government’s utmost priority. That’s the bottom line. I can honestly say that I’m not proud to be an American right now. Yesterday, we lost a little bit of our freedom. What are we going to lose tomorrow? I say it should be the president. IMPEACH OBAMA!

  11. Victor says:

    DOOM! Why is it a punishable offense NOT to have health insurance? That’s mandatory coverage the wrong way, why not just reinstate the Poor Houses of 19th century Dickensian England. Jail everyone who is uninsured.

  12. Christy Lowry says:

    DOOM–I agree more with comment #s 3, 5, 10 above. We need to start over with health care, take the time to study in depth each component and change each one to fit in with our constitution. We definitely need to get more people insured (not illegals) and rein in skyrocketing medical costs. But the real issue behind the issue is encroaching government intrusion into our lives, making us less free, i.e. fining people for not having insurance. And as a senior with a disabled nephew, I’m more than worried about rationed health care, which they’ll just sneak in thru the back door, calling it something else–and uninformed people will fall for it. I’m concerned about what will happen to these two groups of people when their life-sustaining meds and treatment are rationed.

    p. s. What is this survey being used for?

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