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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety: 5 Different Ways to Relieve It

Guest Blogger: Alina Cambridge

Anxiety is something many Americans are living with everyday. Often time, people suffering tend to have anxiety build up over time, while others experience it all at once. The one thing they have in common is the feeling that they will never be the same, and anxiety is something they will have to deal with for life. That is not the case, and you don’t need medication in order to relieve your anxiety. Here is a list of 5 ways to relieve your anxiety.

1. Exercise: Exercising can be your greatest outlet when relieving anxiety. You may find that your anxiety is all around you and you feel all you can do is sit still and wait for it to go away. This is the wrong approach and will just cause further stress. Cardiovascular exercise is your best bet. Go for a run, bike ride, and even swimming is great. The longer you exercise, the better. If you have a treadmill, then that is even better for convenience. Turn on your television and run, all the while enjoying your favorite program or catching up on the news. You will find not only a physical release, but a mental one as well.

2. Breathing Exercises: Breathing is something often underrated when relieving anxiety. A few times a day, try to find time to take 10 very deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, and slowly exhale through your mouth. You can keep your eyes open or close them, but I find closing them feels more relaxing. Breathing is something very simple you can do everywhere you are, and is a tremendous help when relieving anxiety.

3. Conquer your fears: People who suffer with anxiety usually find themselves having triggers that come out of nowhere, leaving them extremely frightened. An example of this would be driving. If you are to suffer a panic attack while driving on a certain road, or freeway, you might find driving back that way is terrifying.  It is important to overcome this feeling, or else it will always be in the back of your head. If you can, drive with someone, and sit in the passenger seat until you feel you are ready to drive yourself. After you grow more and more comfortable with the situation, your anxiety of driving may disappear altogether.

4 Talk about your anxiety: Sometimes people may feel embarrassed or even afraid to talk about their struggles with anxiety. You may find comfort being able to confide in someone who understands. Talking about your anxiety and getting it out in the open is relieving in itself. Bottling it up can only increase your anxiety; so it is important to find someone you can speak with. An estimated 19 million people struggle with anxiety; so it’s important to know that you are not alone.

5 Clean up the clutter: A cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind. As stress and a lack of time build up, housework isn’t always a top priority. As the dishes and laundry pile up, your anxiety has something else to worry about. Try to keep a schedule of housework that needs to be done so you don’t find yourself getting behind with too much to do at once. After housework is done, you will find it is much easier to relax in a clean home.

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