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Best Time to Buy Five Must-Have Items

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac Today’s retailers do not have enough room in their stores to hold seasonal merchandise indefinitely. Because of this, they will …

How to Change Your Life and Change the World: Four Reasons Single Moms Should Go Back to School

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac As a single mom, late nights and hard work are already second nature. Why not use your experience braving these tough circumstances …

Combine Traveling with Volunteering for a Rewarding Experience

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac When we list the benefits of volunteering, the experience of different regions, cultures, and peoples is often overlooked. But …

Prevent Theft on Campus

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac College students typically don’t carry briefcases full of diamonds and cash onto a college campus, but they still have …

Travel insurance: To buy, or not to buy?

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac For some, traveling is the ultimate joy in life—a great unending adventure full of excitement and authentic experiences. But …

Bilingualism Can Make You Smarter

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac Being bilingual has serious, practical advantages in this global economy; but there may be some hidden cognitive advantages to …

Recap of ‘Donate Life’ Month

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac In a recent proclamation, President Barack Obama named April 2012 as National Donate Life Month. In doing so, he brought attention …

Healthy Road to College Living

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac College is the time many young people get their first taste of independence, and while this is certainly an important step in your …

What to Expect When You Find Out You Have Cancer

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac “You have cancer.” The news can be numbing, and it can take a while to sink in. Nobody wants to hear that they or someone they …

Adaptive Technology Helps Students Overcome Barriers

Guest Blogger: Harper Mac If you are living with a disability, you may have struggled through high school. Challenges may have included early-morning bus …

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