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Get your #book #review ed at t…

Get your #book #review ed at this cool new site which matches reviewers to #authors

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  1. PAULA SHENE says:

    My book MANDY THE ALPHA DOG, A CHILDREN’S BOOK AIMED AT THE 7-12 AGE GROUP covers fears, mistreatment, overeating, obesity, biting, forgiveness, and being a winner. It is told in a humorous fashion but is also written to espouse rescue animals. 10% of authors and illustrators proceeds are to go to animal rescue.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Paula!

      Sounds like a great book, I’m a cat person 🙂
      I would highly highly recommend that you submit your book to Reader Views for an Express Review

  2. Paula Shene says:

    Wow! I truly cannot believe that it has been a smidge over three months since I wrote re Mandy The Alpha Dog and your reply which I just saw today.

    I would like to say I’m a bit of an ‘airhead’ but my reasons for not seeing this has to do with sleep deprivation – my husband of 44 years, has Lewy’s Dementia – a close relative of Alheizmer’s and until we can get him on proper dosages of medications that ‘might’ help, he goes tripping happily through the days AND nights, while I stumble behind. I am writing this after another night of two hours sleep. The days are slightly better for him so I will shortly be off for a nap.

    I thank you for the tip and will do that before I leave my keyboard behind. We too are cat people ~ just don’t let the dogs hear that!

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