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Meditation, Visualization, and the Savior Figure

by Selah Grenewood

In meditation, we are not creating a narrative, simply being.

We visualize to help us achieve something. However, during that visualization we can be a in a state of meditation, or reflection. There are many states of meditation. The most common one we know is the sitting in quietude. Meditation can meet us in our walking state also or another environment.

How can visualization be helpful to us? It can be helpful in a future setting. It can also be helpful in the present: we learn what the best course is for us. For instance, the person that builds visuals to remove themselves from their present reality. When you’re building to a place of unreality and it reaches the hallucinatory and sickness, it’s bad. Connection with someone or something that is considered passionate is built, or the belief in fame, fortune, whatever it may be, when the evidence proves otherwise.

Astrology is important to this understanding. There is an aspect that speaks to this sort of experience. It is the Sun/Neptune placement in “hard” aspect. Here the native often exists in delusion of the savior figure, as an intense spiritual communion, in the guise of partnership. A positive example of this placement is the case of Carl Jung, the Swedish psychoanalyst. Jung had the opposition in his chart. He found the opposition in the people he met in his day-to-day life, particularly Freud who had no real connection to God and spirituality. The two were often in conflict and terminated their relationship later. Jung, instead of taking the knowledge he learned and reaching oblivion, reached service and was spiritualized. He was very involved with the psychology of the individual and God. What God meant to man. What man meant to God.

Now, visualization, as it relates to goals and our future, is good. Tesla built visuals of what he wanted in terms of work which later materialized. These were life-enhancing. Visuals, as it pertains to an object, person, situation, that will ultimately remove us from our everyday, present reality are not.

For the person who has a Savior Figure complex, the spiritual form has not been completely stabilized here on earth. They are in the “ether.” Their conscious awareness has been violated and is thus disperse. Until they realize that the form, they are seeking is truly union with God, they will not be fulfilled.

“The Savior Figure” is not substantiating. What’s substantiating builds healthy individuality. Our individuality is what we arrive at after all the expectations and preconditioning are eliminated.

The Savior Figure cannot save us from our self. He cannot remove us from the pain and toxicity of a situation that was unbearable. He cannot remove us from our poverty and incompetency’s.

Resolution and health reach us with the three-part synthesis of:  cause, effect and solution. When we understand the cause of a problem, we can thereby witness its history and their effects. The remedy or solution becomes clear.

To save and to salvage have two different meanings. We are not saved by anything or anyone. No one can remove us from the value of our awareness which is as the sun and truth which always rises. We cannot save, or put aside, a part of our self-expression from surfacing because someone has constrained or suppressed it. To salvage is to preserve something, to honor and keep it. In this case what we are salvaging is our sacredness as a conscious individual.

Meditate upon and visualize a new life for yourself.

About the Author

Selah Grenewood is a teacher and writer from Florida. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including New Spirit, Metapsychosis, The Write Place at the Right Time, Awakenings Review, The Edge, and Timeline Astrology.

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