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A Proud Soldier – by Sharon Alsop

A Proud Soldier

by Sharon Alsop

Proudly he served his country
Defended freedom far away
Served loyally, protecting homeland
Calls kept coming, more missions
Tours to Afghanistan, Iraq
Proudly he wore the uniform
Until the day of the IED
Shattered that commitment
Another soldier in VA Program
Papers filled out, doctors to see
Obstacles lined up along the path
Battle only beginning as civilian
This battlefield huge, weaving…
Through many different departments
As healing begins with slow progress
VA ready to say cured
A soldier who served
Ready to give life and limb
But… used, discarded
Thanks for your service!

About the Author

Sharon Alsop worked with special education children for 28 years. She retired in May of this year. She loves having more time to devote to writing poetry. Her son was in the military and injured in an IED explosion.

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