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Prevent Yourself from Injuries during a Removal

Guest Blogger: Heather Roberts man feeling pain with lifting box

People often participate in the activities connected with moving home, no matter whether they carry the moving of the household belongings on their own or they help professional removal company staff. Harmless and safe as such activities are, they can create hazards which can lead to injuries. Being informed about what to look out for can help people to avoid such hazards. People should pay special attention to the floors and to the sharp edges in their home, and also to the weight of the boxes which are already packed with items ready to be moved.

First of all, people who have small children should look out and not leave them unattended, especially in the area around the stairs. Small children can climb over rails or trip and fall downstairs, so children should be left with a person to look after them.

When large and heavy household items are to be moved, people should check if there are loose rugs on the room or corridor floor. The rugs in the home should be either secured to the floor surface, or they should be removed to prevent the hazard of tripping and falling.

Furniture can create hazards for children, pets, and for adults as well, if it is left not well secured, with loose elements such as doors or drawers. Overloaded bookshelves are another area where hazards are present, because if the bookshelves are not secured and people push them while passing, they can fall over people or pets and cause severe damages.

The corners of furniture items are especially hazardous for people passing, if they are not paying enough attention, for example while carrying heavy boxes of items. Sharp edges of worktops are also hazardous in the same way. They can cause cuts or even deeper wounds, depending on the strength with which a person has crashed into them.

During the packing of items for removals, people should also look out for any spills on the floors. Any water, oil, etc. spilt on the floor makes it slippery, and even people who are not carrying anything can slip and fall and get injured.

In the course of the packing process, people should remember that the packing boxes should not be overloaded. Excessively heavy boxes are difficult to carry, and lifting them could lead to injuries, especially if people cannot hold them and drop them inadvertently. Heavy boxes are particularly difficult to carry downstairs, and it is there that a lot of accidents can occur and lead to injuries.

Professional removalists are familiar with the common hazards which can lead to injuries during the preparation of the household belongings and their loading and unloading, so they approach the tasks professionally and avoid creating hazardous circumstances. But people who have decided to carry out these activities on their own, or people who are helping the removal staff and packing and carrying items and boxes full of belongings, should be aware of the common hazards which can lead to injuries, in order to avoid them.

About the Author

Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. She could help you with plenty of secrets to make your removal stress-free.

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