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Staying Positive in a Negative World

Guest Blogger: Steven Elias

Keeping an upbeat attitude and perspective will help you stay productive and happy, regardless of the news or the weather. In a culture that is increasingly rushed and negative, having a positive outlook can do more than help you survive; it can allow you to thrive.

Stay active: People who work out regularly are happy, positive people. Whether you run, swim, bike or hike, choosing an activity and dedicating time to it each day will help you maintain a positive outlook. Fitness activities can give you a real rush that will overflow into the other areas of your life.

Maintain your Health: It’s hard to be positive when you don’t feel your best. From regular dental checkups to doctor visits, maintaining your health will help you feel great. When you’re feeling healthy, you’ll automatically have more energy and a more positive outlook. It’s hard to be positive when you have a throbbing tooth or a bad case of heartburn; take care of your health and your attitude will fall into line as well.

Turn off the television: There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the news; it is important to know about daily events. The reality of the news business is that negativity sells; you’ll get a huge helping of gloomy negativity every time you tune in. Restrict your news viewing – and reading—to a few minutes a day if you want to stay positive.

Surround yourself with positive people: If every person you encounter during the day has a depressed, gloomy outlook, it will begin to rub off on you. Seek out people who are productive and happy, at least for a portion of the day. If possible, stay away from coworkers or acquaintances who complain all the time; you’ll avoid being dragged down with them.

Indulge yourself: Whether you choose to get lost in the latest best seller or grab a few minutes with a new video game, build some time into each day for fun. Being a slacker won’t help you feel more positive, but taking an occasional break for something that is purely for fun will.

Get inspired: Whether you attend religious services, meditate or simply commune with nature, find something that inspires you and make time for it every week. Simply scheduling some down time each week will help you stay positive and focused on the things you want to accomplish.

Set goals: Setting goals gives you something to work towards, and a sense of achievement when you accomplish something. Rather than make one huge goal, set a series of mini goals; you’ll get a boost every time you succeed and cross an item off your list. Having a single, huge goal can actually be counterproductive, and set you up for failure.

Give something back: Whether you donate your time to a worthy cause or make a monetary donation to your local animal shelter, helping someone else allows you to see and be a part of the positive side of the world. If you give your time to make the world a better place, you’ll work side by side with others who are giving as well; surrounding yourself in this type of atmosphere can give you a boost that will last for days at a time.

About the Author: Steven Elias a freelance writer from Dallas, Texas. He currently runs a site on dallas wedding photographers and dallas wedding venues. Visit him at

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0 thoughts on “Staying Positive in a Negative World”

  1. Ernest Dempsey says:

    Some really important tips on living positively. This is one exampel of a blog that speaks to your spirit of living better, for yourself and for all else.

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