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Life is NOW

Robin Marvel

During our journey we can be presented with a situation that causes deep, emotional and sometimes physical trauma.  As we face the situation we must make a decision to take the issue head on, ignore it, or run from it.

Robin Marvel

Robin Marvel

How we react is solely based on who we are as people.  Each of us will be affected differently depending on the situation, our perception and our reactions.   Our world is based on the perceptions we have of our lives.  Looking at a traumatic situation and being able learn from it takes strength and courage.  Running away and ignoring the issue always seems easier, but does not allow you to heal.

Finding out a relative has been diagnosed with a terminal disease can really get you thinking about life and your direction.  I was recently told that my aunt has ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s disease”), a terminal illness with life expectancy being two to five years.  Even though my aunt is not someone I see each day she has played a role in my life since I was a young girl.  This is traumatic for everyone in her life and all that have been affected by her energy during her life.  The trauma she is feeling I cannot define, as I have not ever had to experience it.  I do know now she is making changes, decisions to accomplish things that she has wanted to do her whole life, but always had an excuse to not do it.

It woke me up to all the things I want to do before I die and how I would always tell myself I’ll get to it later, there is time.  But sometimes later might not come and living while your alive is very different from just being alive.  Due to this traumatic situation I now present myself with these questions on a daily basis.  Am I living to my fullest?  What am I putting off because it can be done later?  Am I present in the moment?   I choose to live while I am living.  Grabbing life by the horns and taking each moment for the gift that it is.  I am able to appreciate the small things in life, remembering what is important.

When you are faced with a traumatic situation take the opportunity to breathe, as you step back and take a look at your own life and how you are living in the moment. Life is not a dress rehearsal and should be lived in the moment, appreciating the NOW.

About the Author:

Robin Marvel is the Senior Editor at Marvelous Spirit Press and the author of three books including her most recent Awakening Consciousness: A Woman’s Guide.  She is a life empowerment coach and presents her ChakraCize workshops around the USA.   Learn more about her at

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