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Blend Your Way to Better Health

by Justin Weinger Most of us realize how important a healthy diet is to our overall health. Most of us, however, are not in very good physical shape and have a …

8 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

by Tom from A big part of getting your life into check is to put the right stuff into your body. Eating healthy food is the first step to …

Want to Age Slow? Mediterranean Diet Could be Your Answer

Various regions of the world have a range of different food cultures and when it comes to the question of what is healthier to eat, it’s difficult to reach a …

Five Vitamins and Supplements That Are Actually Worth Taking

by Dave Wicks Thousands and millions of dollars are spent every year in research of the necessary vitamins that a human body requires. Recent research shows …

Macronutrient Role – Understanding Your Diet

by James Matthias If you regularly go to a gym, you’ve probably overheard people speaking about the huge protein meals they are trying to get in everyday, …

Food Pick with Alfredo – Apple Pie with Coconut Ice Cream

Ingredients 2 cups of whole wheat flour 1 cup of plain flour ½ cup of olive oil ½ cup of water (or a bit more, if needed) 1 flat teaspoon of sea salt …

Is Every Variety of Olive Oil You See on Supermarket Shelves Created Equal?

The number one thing you must appreciate is that there are different kinds of olive oil out there and they are differentiated by the different method of …

Which Supplements Work Effectively with Your Exercise Routine?

by David Ryan Any experienced bodybuilder of fitness expert will tell you that the only bodybuilding supplements that work effectively are ones taken in …

Safe, Healthy, Natural Diets for Pregnancies

by Samantha Greenbaum  Staying healthy during pregnancy is essential for you and your unborn child. Eating a safe diet can improve the health of the baby, and …

The Vegetarian Child

by Gerry Ellen  The age of advertising and commercialism has affected our youth for many years. We live in a fast food era that will never go away, unless …

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