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Patchwork – An international Music Project by an Indian Musician

by Michell Spoden 

Many of us have dreams of doing something great, we may have a plan of how to make that happen and then sometimes we may just stumble along an unexpected venture that happens to be a plan of destiny. Today we are here to chat briefly with Ifthikar Ali, a young man from India who stumbled into what was already in the stars for him and 29 others. Ifthikar Ali

Michell: Iftikhar, please tell our readers briefly about you.

Ifthikar Ali: I’m Ifthikar Ali. I’m 30 year old, and Indian. I’m a music composer and music producer.

Michell: What is your background? Did you study in college?

Ifthikar Ali: I studied multimedia and specialized in web and interactive multimedia. I’ve worked in advertising industry for around 4 years in Dubai, UAE. I used to work for an ad agency named Mediaone.

Michell: Please share with our viewers what Patchwork is?

Ifthikar Ali: Patchwork is an international musical project. It comprises 17 of my compositions featuring many artists worldwide.

Michell: How did it all get started?

Ifthikar Ali: I had worked with a Canadian artist named MY few years back. I never met him. He stumbled upon my website and sent me a message and started communicating and we eventually made a song. I composed and he produced. We both sang sitting in different parts of the world. So in 2009 I became associated with the company Tune4 to make an album and thought of this concept of international project.

Michell: Why did you name this “Patchwork”?

Ifthikar Ali: Patchwork is one of the synonyms of the word ‘mixture’. That’s exactly what we indented with this project. 17 songs in few different genres. One may not like all the songs in this project. Songs and Instrumentals. It’s literally a mixture.

Michell: What sort of mediums did you use to communicate?

Ifthikar Ali: Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox for file transfers.

Michell: 29 Musicians from around the world are a part of this project. Please share with us a bit about some of them.

Ifthikar Ali: To name a few of the artists we have, Moilim Yacoub aka MY from Canada, Waterloo Sound Conspiracy from Texas (Wind Ensemble), Asfalt from Egypt (Arabic Hip Hop), RabbicMac from Malaysia (Tamil Hip Hop), DJ AKS from Dubai, Wesely McHollander from Holland (Celtic Flute).

Michell: This project is a good example of the potential for businesses everywhere. What is the best advice you can give to those who are setting goals for business internationally?

Ifthikar Ali: This project was more than a business. We were trying something so crazy to work on something for 2 and a half years exchanging ideas across borders to create an interesting music album. As far as business is concerned, we didn’t depend on the CD sales much. We released the album online, worldwide.

Michell: Is this projects only inspirational music?

Ifthikar Ali: Yes. I did a song with a Canadian musician few years back. That’s how I thought more of international collaboration in Patchwork. Above all it was exciting and I was curious how each song was going to turn out with different people from different parts of the globe involved in it.

Michell: Do you plan on getting involved with humanitarian efforts as a group?  If not what sort of things would you consider?

Ifthikar Ali: Someday in the near future, maybe when what we express through music is powerful enough to influence people.  We have to as a group think about how and what.

Michell: When will the album be released?

Ifthikar Ali: It’s already released and available on iTunes. There are 17 songs in the album and cost varies depending on the store and location.

Michell: Thanks so much for the interview and we hope the best for all of you and your colleagues.

Visit Ifthikar Ali’s website: to see more of his work.

About the Interviewer

Michell Spoden is the author of Stricken Yet Crowned and is also pursuing a transitional housing project for woman with an agricultural aspect. She has a degree in Business Science Administration and is finishing her bachelor’s in Project Management.

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