Recovering The SelfA Journal of Hope and Healing

Tom’s Story – Balance and Focus

by Leila R. Ferrari As a school principal at the residential center, Tom was well liked and supportive of students and staff alike. He had a listening ear and …

Writing as a Stress Reliever

by Deborah K. Frontiera Writing can be a wonderful way to relieve job-related stress. I spent a good many years as a teacher in a large urban district, and …

What Does It Mean to See? – My Experience as a Prospective Juror

by Meredith Leigh Burton I sat on the unforgiving bench, fidgeting uncomfortably as I listened to the barrage of questions from the circuit court judge. Never …

Lanny’s Story – Pay it Forward

by Leila R. Ferrari Lanny was a fabulous principal as well as a friend, loved by all who encountered him. Even when people were in trouble for some reason or …

Medicare and the Changes in 2019

by Danielle K Roberts Each year, Medicare adjusts its prices. Costs for things like premiums, deductibles, and copays are usually increased due to inflation. …

3 Important Steps to Get Off Heroin

by Greg Morrison My name is Greg Morrison and I’m an ex heroin addict. I have been off of heroin for about 8 years now, and off methadone for almost 6 years. …

I Always Knew

by Leila R. Ferrari Pat was a librarian at heart and in her work world. Her ability to relate to children and adults alike made possible a wide variety of …

5 of the Most Dangerous Drug and Alcohol Combinations

by Robert Tropp On its own, alcohol is a potent substance that has the potential to become life-threatening. Despite the dangers, many people become addicted …

Looking Forward as a Homebuyer

by Claire Wilson Buying a home is one the most important life decisions an individual or family can ever make. After all, you are entering into an investment …

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Nothing heals as miraculously as love. Recovering the Self wishes everyone a very happy and love-filled Valentine’s

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