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Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing is proud to include media reviews of films, books, and audio products. These reviews are featured in each issue of RTS quarterly and are reproduced on this site for your convenience of reference.

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  2. Book Recovering The Self (Review)

    Sweta Srivastava’s article called A True Survivor is about one woman’s struggle with issues millions of women face daily. “I Love You” is not supposed to hurt. Never settle for feeling helpless and trapped. Seek help!

    Kat Fasano-Nicotera shared words of inspiration to overcome in her article called The Grace of Forgiveness. Anger and hurt are major stressors: holding on to hurt can lead to self-destruction. Know when to let go and heal.

    I would like to say I’m a firm believer in therapy. The stories shared in “Recovering The Self” take you on an emotional roller coaster. The book starts by revisiting pain and anger. Abuse has many forms and is often a struggle to understand. The real life stories help you relate to everyday situations. It’s ok to not be perfect, be the best you. We are all equal and only human.

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