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A Story of Description

by Meredith Leigh Burton Standing at the broad podium in the auditorium, I traced my hands along the familiar text, my voice rising and falling in syncopated …

Finding Your Next Job

by Bethany Anne Sometimes losing your job isn’t a downfall in your life; it’s an opportunity to seek out your higher purpose, or next move. I recently saw …

Top 5 Things to Avoid While Going Through Drug Detox

by John Gary Winning the war against drug abuse requires dedication from the affected person and those around. Moral support is as important as the medication …

Best 5 Mattress Hacks to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

by Bill Vanhook What is the secret to a great sleep? That is a question which has plagued me for a long time, and I am sure that it has plagued a great many …

Practicing Daily Mindfulness in Recovery

by Robert Fishman When you’re struggling with addiction, internal and external noise can be deafening. You’re bearing the weight of your friends’ and …

Feeling a little selfish? Then blame the hot weather | Daily Mail Online

Feeling a little selfish? Then blame the hot weather: How the heat makes us feel frosty towards our fellow humans As mercury rises, people become less sociable …

Shopping Hungry? Psychology Trick Could Stifle Bad Food Choices

  It’s a scenario you’ve probably experienced: You go to the supermarket hungry, and you end up with a shopping cart filled with foods you …

Yoga for Normal People – Believe. Passport to Positive Psychology.

Everyone suffers from stress from time to time. There are times of the year which are significantly more stressful than others. For university students, exam …

Completely Quitting an Opiate Addiction

by William Weiss Opiate drugs are typically prescribed to people as a means of treating some form of acute pain. The natural effects that opiates have of …

How Sustainable Living Can Transform Your Life

by Sally Wong Sustainable living has become a catch phrase for everything from eating a whole foods diet to living off the grid using only renewable energy …

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