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Talcum Powder and Cancer: What You Need to Know

by Mary Diagastino Cancer risks seem to be everywhere today. Signs indicating potential exposure in stores and around town can cause some serious concerns in …

Benefits of Experiential Therapy

by Alek Sabin Experiential therapy isn’t necessarily one particular type of therapy, as much as it is a group of therapies that fall under a similar …

How Safe Is Public Water?

by Jesse Hughes There is a huge amount of information regarding the safety of tap water and how safe the chemicals that are added really are. The simple …

Body Positive Dance Party: BODY LOVE BALL DANCE FUNDRAISER DEC 2, 2017

  Body Positive Dance Party: BODY LOVE BALL DANCE FUNDRAISER DEC 2, 2017 Rather than striving to change the body we’re already in for the new year, Body …

Can Massage Therapy Help You to Recover from Chronic Pain?

by John Gary Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with, especially since it is hard to find relief. Patients with chronic pain will look for ways to lessen …

4 Risk Factors for Pressure Sores and How to Avoid Them

by Monica Mendoza For people who are immobilized and confined to a bed or chair for prolonged periods of time, developing pressure sores is a big risk that …

Health Benefits of Acupressure – What You Need to Know

As the adverse and side effects of most prescription and over-the-counter drugs come to public knowledge, people are increasingly looking at alternative …

Are You Right Or Left Handed?

by Evelyn Horan I have never thought much about whether folks are right or left handed until recently. In my family, there seems to be a condition called …

Avascular Necrosis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

by John Gary A condition that not many people understand, avascular necrosis is more serious than patients imagine. It is a condition where the bone tissue in …

Feeling a little selfish? Then blame the hot weather | Daily Mail Online

Feeling a little selfish? Then blame the hot weather: How the heat makes us feel frosty towards our fellow humans As mercury rises, people become less sociable …

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