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Fall Days

by Evelyn Horan I know summer must end as seasons all do, and this summer has been quite warm and sometimes uncomfortable. Our faithful air conditioner in this …

Vision Through The Years

by Evelyn Horan Ever since I told my mom when I was ten years old that trees looked like big lollipops, I have been a constant wearer of eyeglasses for the …

Do You Remember When There Was No Air Conditioning?

by Evelyn Horan Just recently on one of these hot “dog-days” of summer that are common where I live, I was reminded of how much I appreciate our air …

Man – Well, Woman in This Case – Plans and God Laughs

by Sara Stringer Things do not always go as planned. To put it another way: man plans and God laughs. Sometimes the things that go wrong are little—we …

What is the Importance of Positive Nursing Workplace Environment?

by Frank Ross A positive work environment is vital for nursing practice, care and safety of patients and public. A poor work environment not only affects the …

Understanding the Human Condition

by Sara Stringer Humans have been trying to understand “the human condition” at least since we started writing down our stories and probably for eons …

Why Have Rules For Life?

by Ken La Salle In my last article, I shared with you my plan to examine some of the rules we each have that guide us in our everyday behavior. These rules …

Ethical Dilemmas for the In-Home Counselor

With an ever-growing field, counselors and their work are changing and developing constantly. Some counselors are choosing to work in the area of home-based …

Depression Subtypes – Science or Myth?

by Alfredo Zotti  The Black Dog institute is a well-known and somewhat respected Australian organization which provides information, carries out research and …

Some Fulfilling Experiences You Can Have Completely Online When You’re Ill or Immobile

by Nancy Baker Whether you’ve broken a leg, are off with the flu or have permanent disabilities that make it difficult to get out and about, being …

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