Bekah Moss

True Colours – The Art of Bekah Moss

by Michell Spoden My guest today is 26-year-old Bekah Moss from Canton, OH. She is a professional artist and musician, running her own freelance company. She is currently a Music Tech major at Kent State Stark, with a focus in voice, and author of the book True Colours. Michell: Please share with our viewers why…

Pedro Santos

Working with Wood – A Never-Dying Art

by Michell Spoden The historical practice of wood carving has been used on trees, doors, walking canes, smoking pipes, nativity sets and even Egyptian tomb ruminants. Rome, China, Syria, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Native America and many more nations have practiced this historical art form. In every culture there is a touch of wood art somewhere.…


Street Art with Crupt

by Michell Spoden Historically, drawing on buildings has been around since ancient Egypt and Rome. Graffiti art is no new subject and is so recognized today that museums are displaying it. We have much to learn about the value of art and its expressions. Expression is what we see in the images that are displayed.…


What does it mean to be a true artist?

Guest post by Alfredo Zotti What does it mean to be a true artist? I ask this because there are certainly different types of artists. A true artist, for me, is one who understands that, as existential psychologist Rollo May suggests, every organism has one central need in life and that is to fulfill its…


‘Yesterday’ – Art by Alfredo Zotti

by Alfredo Zotti The painting was done at a time when I was coming out of a strong depression. It is partly from my imagination and partly inspired by a vase that my wife had bought from a second-hand shop. I liked this vase because it did not have a symmetric shape, being handmade probably…


Paper Bird – Business and Art with Karla Phipps

by Michell Spoden Mother, assistant in nursing at aged care facility and now small business owner, meet my guest Karla Phipps, a young Australian woman who has integrated art with business, called Paper Bird.    Michell: Please share with us what the inspiration was in starting your business. Karla Phipps: Two things in a way –…


Hoppy Easter 2015

Dear Victor R. Volkman, I wish You a very happy Easter!!! In attachment – ART of Giordana Galli (it) and Flowers for Spring from Lyudmila Babich. Tadeusz, Daria and Victoria, from GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY