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All About Andy

by Jo Elizabeth Pinto Andy sidled up to my ten-year-old in our back yard last Sunday, leaned shamelessly against her legs, and stole her heart before she ever …

6 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean When You Have a Dog

by Monica Mendoza When you think about life at home with a dog, what do you first picture in your head? A new dog owner might summon an idyllic image of …

Art Become Therapy for My life

by Marilyn Redmond Candy was a real dog that belonged to my friend. I usually was not taken with dogs, but Candy seemed special and unique. One afternoon as …

Tony’s Tale – Documentary Project Telling the Complete Story of Tony’s Killing in AZ

Demand for Banning Foie Gras Drawing Attention Worldwide

Fiona Munro has started an important petition on Care2 to stop a cruel practice in French cuisine. Foie Gras, made from livers of abused ducks and geese. In …

Portland Aquarium Comes Under Investigation for Reported Death of Animals

This week, The Oregonian revealed the disturbing news of at least 200 marine animals falling dead at the Portland Aquarium in Portland, Oregon, due to …

Snow Leopard: Save an Endangered Beauty

With as few as 4,000 snow leopards left in the wild, these cats are internationally recognized as an endangered species.  Learn about the threats these cats …

Humane Society Calls for Action against Gag Bills

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has called on all animal rights advocates and supporters to unite in action against agriculture industry’s gag …

YEA Cheers at PVC Workshop about Humane Treatment of Horses

The following message was sent via email from the Youth’s Equine Alliance to activists and animal rights advocates, informing them about the up-an-coming …

Save the Scottish Wildcat!

SCOTTISH WILDCAT Far back in the history of Scotland clans formed together under the image of the wildcat and fought wars for the independence of the land. …

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