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Abuse Recovery

Nellianne’s Story – Troop Forward and Carry On

by Leila R. Ferrari Nellianne and I attended the same university for graduate work. We sometimes had coffee together and shared personal stories. This story is …

Combating Addiction with Daily Choices

by Tyler S. Hansen  There is no easy way to recovery. As much as we may wish for it to be true, there is no single, monumental decision that will suddenly …

I Didn’t Remember I Was Raped

by Alora Ferrara I couldn’t remember much of anything from my childhood. My mother was a heroin addict, and no matter how much she may have loved us, her …

How to Resist Relapse When Life Feels Out of Control

by Trevor McDonald Life has a habit of spiraling out of control when we least expect it. As a recovering addict during this time, equipping ourselves with the …

Broken, But Not Defeated

by Michell Spoden On January 24, 2018 I sat in the court room for the sentencing of Raed Salti, who was charged with 25 different counts of rape, kidnapping, …

The Courage to Forgive

by Shanen Dibbern I can’t remember what the weather was like on the night she tried to take my life. I only know that in my limited capacity to empathize …

How to Help a Loved One when They Return from Treatment

by Maurine Anderson Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is quite possibly one of the most difficult trials that a person can face in life, and therefore …

Ways Addiction Recovery Can Foster a Successful Career

by Per Wickstrom Addiction recovery is an ongoing course of action.  No one just beats addiction at a rehab center and never has to work at their recovery …

Eastern Wisdom Western Soul – free bonus materials with purchase

Today is the day Eastern Wisdom Western Soul by Richard Singer is being released. This book simply and compassionately guides you to a life filled with …

Alcohol & Drug Temptations: How to Stay on Track During & After College

by Per Wickstrom College students are more than twice as likely to abuse drugs and alcohol compared to their peers who are not in college. Having struggled …

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