Recovering The Self is a new quarterly literary journal dedicated to “telling empowering stories of life in contemporary times.”  Our editorial focus allows us to publish short stories, essays, poems, memoir, history, and art related to several topics:

  • Personal growth,
  • Relationships
  • Trauma recovery
  • Living with disabilities
  • The struggle for identity, and
  • Bereavement

As they apply to adults, children and elders in America and abroad.

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  1. Hey Admin,

    I just went through Google Searches today and found http://www.recoveringself.com and I wanted to get in touch to know if you were open to any Guest contributions. I am looking to write an article about something related to “Healthy/ Healthy Mind etc” and thought that the topics I had in mind may go well on the recovering self blog.

    It will be my pleasure if I can contribute some quality content to your website. Please kindly let me know how and where I should send you the article.


    Rachel Cool

  2. I am all about recovery of self as it concerns health in all areas of life, including the spiritual and its direct influence on life. It would be great to be some part of your good work here!

    Please let me know how I can contribute. I’m recovering from a badly broken ankle right now, so I have time, but things are also slow. Excited to hear from you!

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    Jacub Swayze

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